Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


24. Cat Bus and NYC (Angelica speaking)

As soon as we landed on JFK Airport, cat bus changed to real life Japanese CatBus. Quickly Amo and John  put USDOT sticker on both side of bus  while I put police siren and police licence plate on front and back of CatBus and we hop back on CatBus and set siren on as CatBus speed off as same speed as responding police bus to find Sakura Veganton, then 3 NYPD ID cards appeared in front of us with our names and our faces.


As CatBus cruise through JFK Airport, all residents, tourists, and kid looked at CatBus, "Look at that, mommy. It's CatBus."

"It has siren too." kid's parent said. "They must work for police."

"That's attractive police bus." Broadway Musical celebrities said.

Even the taxi drivers and truck drivers honk and pulled over to right as soon as they saw strange CatBus with siren as we drove across Brooklyn Queens Expressway to Long Island Expressway West to Queens Midtown Tunnel to 3rd Av, then 57th St, then parked by 8th Av near 58th St.

"Meow." CatBus said.

"CatBus said Sakura Veganton is at bench next to Blossom du Jour at Turnstyle."

"OK." I said as Amo, John and I exit the CatBus and rush to Blossom du Jour at Turnstyle.

We hurried down and I asked 13-year-old teenage girl, "Excuse me, are you Sakura Veganton?"

"Yes, I am." she said. "What's matter?"

"We need your Vegan Witch power." Amo said.

"Sue took us to Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Planet and something strange happened there."

"What happened?" Sakura asked.

"Evil Witch turned Vegan YesPrecure and Vegan Smile PreCure into evil meat monster, well as entire vegan residents of that planet." John said.

"Then Nozomi invited Kaori, our Secret Subway conductor and and Sue to vegan meal." Amo said. "Then they started acting evil and craving for meat."

"Then Kaori and Jessica started eating Sue and Maria like meat eating zombie, but they not zombie." I said crying.

"OK." Sakura said. "That Wicked Witch from Evil Kingdom is crazy slaughterhouse witch. Let's go to Vegan City."



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