Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


33. Candy the Magic UFO and NY Metropolitan Area (Carmen speaking)

Friday noon.

Mayor Aya Kudamoto set up vegan safety proof barrier to keep evil people or evil infested vegans away from Vegan City.which became lockdown.

Akane, John and Angelica boarded the Candy the Magic Vegan UFO.

Soon Akane typed list:

Anna Francis and Mary-Kate Francis

Alicia Jamestone

Sabrina Lori

Yuka Morimoto

Laura the Korean Jindo Dog.

"I know some sanctuaries properly not be interest but how we could make them from evil vegans?" I said.

"We have selection of vegan-proof clothes that protect vegans from becoming evil vegans." Akane said.

"How do we protect non-vegans?" Angelica asked.

"There's way." Akane said. "Vegan-proof clothes willl also protect non-vegans too."

"Oh." John said. "That's great."

We were flying over Veggie Haven in Teaneck, New Jersey. Our vegan X-ray scanned Veggie Haven and Teaneck.

"Safe people." Candy said.

"It look like all your Sakura and Sue's friend are having food there." Akane said.

With Akane's Vegan Witch power, she connected all TV, Phone, Radio Connection across worldwide with foreign translation as well.













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