Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


15. Canada Goose Soho Visit and Saks 5th Av (Jessica Akimoto)

It was Monday morning.

I'm manager of Canada Goose store at Toronto, so I decided to check the SoHo store. I have temporality manager working at Toronto store.

As I approach Canada Goose store in SoHo, I show my Toronto ID card and enter SoHo store.

All the fur trim coats were missing and I asked Maria Simpson what happened.

"We'll be fur trium robbed."

"Fur trimed robbed? How that happens?" I asked.

"6 people robbed us." John said.


"3 Saks 5th Av employees, 1 lady with Korean Jindo Dog, service dog."

"Plus one of your Toronto employee." Julia said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Sue Chang." Maria said.

"That's so strange. I know Sue Chang very well." I said. "She was great employee and she loves wearing fur coats and she's not vegan."

"That is so strange." Maria said.

"Maybe I could ask her for dinner." I suggested.

"That's great idea." Julia said. "It's also strange Saks 5th Av employees helping with fur robberies."

"Yes." I said.

Around noon, I walked by Saks 5th Av in midtown and saw sign at all entrances and it read:

"How does that happens?" I asked as I try to enter Saks 5th Av and security said, "Sorry, we don't allowed any fur coat entry allowed."

"Im manager of Canada Goose Toronto store, Jessica Akimoto." I said.

"Sorry, we cannot let you in unless you take the fur coat off." security said.

"No way." I said.

"Sorry, you cannot enter." security said.

I gave up and left.

I call all Saks 5th Av store and all messages have same, "Welcome to Animal Cruelty Free Saks 5th Av/Off 5th Av. As due to CEO of Saks 5th Av is vegan, we only sells vegan clothes and vegan products only."

At 4pm, I was at Le Parker Meridan Hotel and I called Sue Chang and she answered in first ring.

"Hello, Jessica." Sue said.

"I was wondering if you could come have dinner with me tonight."

"Sure." Sue said.

"Can you wear your work clothes?" I asked.

There was moment of silence and Sue came back, "I think so."


"Meet me at Times Warner Center building." I said.










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