Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


35. Canada Goose SoHo & Hack Line (Amo speaking)

Evil Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Kingdom resident transform back to their body.

"Let's go to 59th St to ride carriage horse." Amo said evilly.

"Yeah." Sakura said evilly. "I have to use my evil vegan power to make Canada Goose fur appeared on my jacket, so they wouldn't recognize me. I have to cast spell myself, so horse wouldn't realize Amo and I are evil."

That's great plan." Evil Vegan Usagi said.

Soon Canada Goose fur trim appeared on Sakura's Vegan Jacket.

It was 8pm and we all got on NYC Carriage Ride driver, Karina Hansen, who's horse was Amy pulling HC1343 carriage.

We took relaxing 1-hour ride.

"Again, please." I said. "I enjoyed."

So driver took different course and finish at 10pm.

"$100 please." Karina said.

"I should have $100." I lied as we look through our money in wallet and played act first.

"What's wronng, Amo?" Sakura asked.

"I cannot seem to find money." I said. "I think I drop it during the ride."

"You're not leaving until you pay for your ride." Karina demanded ruefully.

"Ha, ha, ha." I said evilly. "I'm going to eat you alive."

"Stop kidding." Karina said. "Pay your fare or I'll call police."

Then we started chewing on Karina like zombie.

"What are you doing?" Karina said. "It hurt, please stop chewing on me. I not food."

"Im hungry for human blood." Sakura said evilly.

"Somebody helped!" Karina said.

Carriage drivers looked horrify and scared as we were eating Karina like tasty dinner.

Just soon as the scream, zoo keeper came to release the Amy the Carriage Horse which talked to me, "I need Sakura to be back to normal vegan."

We started eating Zoo Keepers next but they were not dead.

"What's going on?" Amo asked evilly.

"They using my Magic Vegan UFO's product." Sakura said evilly. "Let's head back to Evil Kingdom."

"Yeah." Sue said evilly.




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