Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


14. Apartment and Canada Goose SoHo (Sue speaking)

It was Sunday early morning. I live near SoHo.

 I found my Canada Goose worker uniform with my name tag which was Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka Silverbirch jacket.

"Excuse me, Coyote." I said to my fur. "May I wear you for today? We planning attack on Canada Goose SoHo."

"Sure." my fur trim jacket talked to me.

Soon, I put on my fur trim Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka Silverbirch coat as we planned.

At 10:30am, I arrived in front of Canada Goose SoHo store and saw our agents lined up with Canada Goose store. I gave my vegan agents wink for our plan. Alicia and Sabrina had their Saks 5th Av/Off 5th Av work clothes on. I pretend to ignore the protesters and I said, "Hello, my name is Sue Chang. I was sent here to worker here from Toronto." 

"Come in." Canada Goose man named John Trump said as he opened door for me.

At 11:00am, I was charge off the line.

At 12:00pm, I usher Yuka and her service dog, Laura accompany by Sakura, Anna, Mary-Kate entered store together.

At 12:30pm, I usher Saks 5th Av employee Alicia and Sabina in and other worker usher me inside.

At 1:00pm, store became crowded. As soon as it got crowded, Mary-Kate, Alicia, Sabrina and I played our act of our heist plan.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" I asked.

"Yes." Mary-Kate said. "My name is Mary-Kate Francis, Im CEO of Saks 5th Av/Off 5th Av with my co workers from Walt Whitman Shop, Alicia Jamestone, and Source at Mall store, Sabrina Lori."

"What's seem to be matter?" I asked.

"I just heard that there's going to fur bandits."  Alicia stated.

I pretend laughed for loud enough for everyone to here. "We're 100% safe because we have securities and police officers.

"It's not joke." Sabrina said.

Just then Yuka with her service dog brought tranqualizer gun and shot and said, "Nobody move!"

Every workers and customers stop what their doing and drop to ground.

Even people outside waiting in line, animal rights activists and bystanders drop to ground as well because they heard shot.

NYPD and securities rushed inside.

"What's going on?" female Canada Goose employee Julia Daliatone asked me.

I said as I took out my tranqualizer gun out from my Toronto uniform, "All securities and NYPD drop to ground."

"What are you doing, Sue?" John said.

"You fooled." I said as I joined my gangs with Anna, Sakura as well and said, "We're all Fur Bandits."

"Fur Bandits?" John and Julia said as shocked. "There's no such thing."

"We have to do what they said." Canada Goose manager Maria Simpson said.

"Cut all fur trims and put in our bags." I demanded.

Every workers and NYPD put their products in our bags.

"Attention! All Canada Goose shoppers! If you do not rip your fur trim off immediately, we'll hunt you like Coyote."

All shoppers lined up to get the fur trims cut off and they put them inside.

Then as we all exit, Sakura whispered to protester leader that I was full fledge vegan during undercover and she passed me headphone.

"Attention! All people wearing Canada Goose jackets! It does not matter if that Canada Goose jackets come from other stores, but if you do not remove your fur trims, you'll feel pain like Coyote or Laura will attack you." into megaphone.

As soon as I said that, all people wearing Canada Goose took off their fur trims or asked employees, Animal Rights Activists to removed it and they put in our bags.

Protesters cheered as we fur-lifted the Canada Goose SoHo store.

"Canada Goose employee, work normally as nothing happened." I demanded through megaphone.

All employees went back to their work and all customers came out in panic including two police officers who responded to shot.

We gathered all fur trims from Canada Goose and put into our UHAUL truck and drive off to sanctuaries.

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