Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


44. 3 Brother Pizza Cafe Farmingdale (Jessica speaking)

Friday Evening

All Vegan friendly restaurants converted to Vegan Restaurants because entire world no longer eats meats after Evil Meat Invasion.

Carmen, Anna, Sakura, Sue, Mary-Kate, Sabrina, Alicia and I were 3 Brother Pizza Cafe in Farmingdale,

"This is delicious Seitan Bacon Pizza ever."

"Yeah." we all said.

"Let's go to Lewis Oliver Farm to help out." I said.

"That's great idea." Carmen said.

"Let's go." Sue said.

Arby's CEO shut down Vegetarian Hotline, 1-888-MEAT-HELP and turned into Vegan Arby's because they only served meat made by plant-based.

On Saturday morning, we witness all entire people became vegans and having fun with animals close up.

On Sunday, we visited the Bronx Zoo Sanctuary where all tigers, polar bears live in harmony with vegans.

As in result all non-vegans who turned into vegans now have power to talk with animals thanks to Vegan City's super invention radio.


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