Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


1. Central Park Hackline (Sakura speaking)

It was Sunday noon.

My name is Sakura Veganton and I'm 13-year-old. I am vegan witch. I am friendly to animals, vegans, and vegetarians. When I walk through meat or seafood area, my spell automatically makes animal food cried. I am also Animal Rights Action. I could also make fur and leather cry like animals. I could talk with furs, meats, seafoods, animals, horses, mammals, marine animals, reptiles, etc. I also have photographic memory, so I could remember anything.

I was outside Plaza Hotel, and I heard carriage horses were saying, "We want freedom!" "Animal Rights Activists Are Correct!" "We demand to be in vegan sanctuaries!"

Just then, I saw 6-year-old girl was on NW corner of 59th St/East Drive and she was crossing 59th St on walk signal when carriage driver turned right from East Drive onto 59th St on red, and I screamed, "Watch out, little girl!"

As I screamed, I dodge speeding cars and made daredevill rescue before carriage driver could hit the little girl, who was crying non-stop.

Just then, all pedestrians, hotel bellhops, doormens, hot dog vendors, pedicab drivers, animal rights activists, tour bus drivers, city bus drivers and tourists give me applaud except for carriage drivers.

"Hey, carriage driver of HC1313!" one of Chinese female tourist said, "You almost run over this little girl!"

"Yeah!" one of German male tourist said. "Stop that HC1313!"

One of taxi driver 8A88 speed up to get in front of HC1313, meanwhile Ice Cream truck driver came up behind, and Big Bus tour bus driver came to left of HC1313.

"Move your car, idot!" Carriage driver screamed rudefully.

"You can't leave the SCENE OF CRIME." Mister Softee truck driver said.

"I don't care." Carriage driver ranted.

"Just look at little girl! She's crying non-stop!" Korean female tourist said.

"Carriage drivers are mean to us and mean to tourists." horse pulling HC1313 was talking to me.

"I complete agree." 8A88 taxi driver said. "You should demand apology."

"No way." Carriage driver said.

All bus and truck drivers blocked on 59th St west of East Drive, so other traffics wouldn't go through.

All tourists who was onboard witness the little girl almost getting hit by carriage operator and asked carriage drivers, "Please let us off."

"Sorry I can't." other carriage drivers said.

"It's law to let you off." ten-year-old Vegan Girl said. "You don't have to pay."

After the ten-year-old vegan girl said that, carriage driver pulled over and tourists all came out angry, then hug ten-year-old vegan girl nicely and they hop onto pedicabs or CitiBike instead.

"That's awful thing to say, carriage drivers!" French female tourist said.

"Yes." Arby's employee Susan Johnson said. "That was such cruel move."

"Yes." Japanese female tourist said. "We're not ridding carriage rides anymore."

"I agreed." Jewish female tourist said.

"Me, too." Spanish tourist said.

I called 911 and soon police officers approach and question carriage driver HC1313, and carriage horse told me, "This driver is lying to police officers."

Little girl said, "That driver nearly hit me to death!"

"Liar!" HC1313 driver said. "You jump in front of me!"

"That's not true." Italian female tourist said.

"That's right." Australian male tourist said. "HC1313 almost run over this  little girl."

Officer named Jim Moron said to HC1313 driver, "Sir, you're under arrest for leaving the SCENE OF CRIME."

Then he continued as he handcuff carriage driver and said:

Everyone applaud.

"Which stable are you  from?" Officer Jim Moron asked.

"I not telling you." HC1313 driver.

"He's from stable on 48th St." HC4444 driver reported. "He's licence is on carriage."

Officer Jim Moron saw licence and he saw licence was backward.

"James Concok, you are also facing charges for hiding your carriage licence from public view."

Then I asked crying little girl, "Are you OK?"

"Yes." she said. "I'm Anna Francis and I'm 6-year-old. I lost my mother, Mary-Kate."

"Where does your mother, Mary-Kate works?"

"Saks 5th Av on weekend, Bloomingdale employee on weekday." Anna said. "Then, we got seperate at Central Park Zoo."

"Okay." I said. "What your mommy said?"

"She told me to go to children's zoo." Anna said.

"OK." I said. "I'll take you to your mom."

"Thank you so much." Anna said.

"I'm Sakura Veganton." I said.

"It's nice to meet you." Anna said. "Thank you for saving my life."

"No problem, Anna." I said.

I brought Anna by Central Park's Children Zoo.

"What your mom dress like?"

"She has Saks 5th Av uniform." Anna explained. "She has long blonded hair that touch her shoulder and blue eyes."

"OK." I said. "I don't have ticket because I not fun of zoos but I could ask zookeeper if I could bring you into your mom."

"Thank you."


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