the wrong man


1. pilot

" I`m sorry i told you like a million times "

" this time its for nothing we already told you, you keep on making the same mistake over and over again "


sorry, going to fast..well this is my story. 


As i was just 16 years old i got pregnant with the wrong guy. MY mother wasn`t happy at all and well my father hasnt been such a good part in my life all he dose is cause trouble and shout at my mum!.


when i told my boyfriend, Adrian , he didn`t like that and he started to hit me and than he dropped me out of is car and left me there with no money no mobile, just, nothing ! i called my sister she is such a very important thing in my life she is so supporting and even her boyfriend Dallas, they both support me. 

" Gabby can you come for me Adrian left me " 

i told my sister 

                       " what do you mean?, stay there im coming!"

As Gabby and Dallas arrived i was soaking, Gabby as always told me that i don`t need Adrian and she was right!

But what about the baby?



When i arrived home and i was changing Gabby got in the room and she saw it ... The big black and purple bruise he gave me. 

I bagged her not to tell mum and she promised but on one condition! Which was that i have to forget all about Adrian..

I really loved him but it was for my best! And so i did!


                                   ******** 9 months passed ***********


" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" I was in labor my mum came with me she was such a supporting mother when i didn`t find Adrian she was here.

As i went back home my sister had the news that now she was pregnant but Dallas was a very supporting boyfriend! he took care of my sister and even of my baby boy Jack, to Jack Dallas was like the father he never had.. 

MY sister had the baby and that`s when it all got worst !!




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