The Five nights Experience

The book you are reading is not cannon!

This book is a FNAF RP fan fiction that is joined with another book, I do not own the franchise and all rights go to Scott Cawthon,the creater of FNAF.
Occasionally I will add in my own OC's to the book. This book is in Mew's point of view.
Check out "Golden" Nights which will be in the other main character's, Aidan point of view.

Somehow Mew got taken to a pizzeria and it was not until 5 years later that Aidan found her. But he is not alone and a terrible fate will come when he gets too close...


1. Protologue

About the main characters


Mew is a small orange fire wolf pup,which has that has quite bad grammar and will miss out words, with tuffs of red and yellow fur on her paws that looks similar to a candy corn. She has yellow dragon wings which have dark yellow veins and grey spikes, the back of them is made up of a pattern of dark yellow and bright yellow scales. Her eyes are an unusual colour. A dark pastel red outside with a bright yellow iris and a black pupil. Mew is also know as a "Golden" fire dragon due to her golden wings,spikes and horns in her dragon form. She has 3 forms, human, Fire wolf pup and a baby fire dragon.


Aidan is known to be a train geek and is the owner of Mew. He took her in when he was younger but his memory of his childhood is a bit faded.

Aidan is a (kinda) normal human boy at the age of 16 that is a train geek and is the owner of Mew. He took her in when he was younger but his memory of his childhood is a bit faded. He is known for being tall and can be seen wearing blue or black jeans, a yellow T-shirt and a black hoodie. His hair is medium length and is the colour is brown, his eyes are blue also his skin is pale. For a reason that is unknown, he was born with steam powers. The thing he has with him all the time is a golden whistle which helps bring out the full potential of his powers but this whistle also lets him summon trains when he blows it. At a young age Aidan found this whistle. He went to local railway line ,which he wanted to be a driver for all his life, on the day he left school but when he went there he found it closed, the piece on the notice board didn't say why so no one really knew but the workers. Aidan wanted to have some sentimental memories of the place which lead him in deciding to help clean up and get some things to keep. During taking down old signs he spotted a whistle on the train tracks and kept it without knowing how useful it will be to him.

The setting

It has been five years since Aidan has seen Mew, he has looked everywhere for her but no one knows where she went and very few really care about her being lost due to her being seen as a fire hazard which needed to be controlled.

The fire wolf pup was now living in a pizzeria full of animatronics and a puppet like figure. Not many humans were around, including the boss that was in his office most of the time so no one knew what was happening... Mew was forever being put into present boxes or bring tied up in string and being used as a toy for the puppet or children that liked playing roughly.

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