Sing Me To Sleep Mr. Hemmings

Danielle was your type of bad girl Mr. Hemmings was her teacher, she went to a club and got insanely drunk when Mr. Hemmings came to her rescue and took her home with him and she whispered only having a minor buzz now.. "Sing me to sleep please Mr. Hemmings.."


7. Stuck To Me Like Glue

(Song Of The Chapter - Bed Rock by Young Money)

I was walking around the house like every other day Ashton was out with Luke and the guys I was alone with the baby so I took her to the park. I had been sitting holding her when someone sat beside me. I looked over. "Hey.." I sighed as Andy sat me in his lap. "Ronnie wants to see you." I shook my head and buried my head in his shoulder. "Please Andy he scares me.. I'm afraid of him." I looked him in the eyes which were full of tears. He cupped my face. "Look at me. I'll be with you the whole time." He smiled. I nodded and put Amber in my baby sling and walked following Andy. 


When we got there all these guys were partying in the front yard I noticed one face.. Lil Wayne he and Ronnie were friends he used to call me Phoenix because of a tattoo that I have... he looked over at me and I bit my lip as he ran over. "Aye Ronnie has- had a baby with you..." he blinked causing me to laugh. "Nah I left Ronnie for Luke but he wants to abort so now I stay with-" I was interrupted. "Me." Ashton wrapped his arms around me. "Lets go before the devil comes outside the one who killed your sister." He snarled causing me to sniffle and intertwine our fingers and start walking when Ashton stopped and looked at me and kissing me. I was blushing when we pulled away. He hugged me and Amber tight when we were home he looked bothered but he sighed..


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