The Boy Who Loved

*Complete* He's famous for having a heart of stone. Yet behind closed doors, and many years back, he had a heart and traded it for power. But just because he gave up, doesn't mean she did.


1. Tom

Each student had their head bent over a potion, struggling to get the desired result. I looked across the room at Tom Riddle. He was a Slytherin, tall, dark, mysterious. I'd been crushing on him since our first year, but I didn't stand a chance. We'd never even had a real conversation. Every few minutes I would look over at him, wishing I had the courage to say hello. But today, near the end of class, I looked his way and saw him already looking at me. I quickly looked down and counted to ten, gaining control of my breathing. When I looked back again he was still staring. I forced myself to keep eye contact and hold a smile. His eyebrows drew together in confusion. Great, I was as good at flirting as I was at talking. I looked away again with embarrassment. My eyes ached to look at him again the rest of class but I focused on my schoolwork until class was dismissed. I couldn't get out of that room any faster. First out of the classroom I walked swiftly towards transfiguration. But fast though I may be, Tom was faster.

"Hey, you're Kaylie right?"

"Oh, um, I'm Katie actually." Tom nodded and fell into step with me. 

"Well look, Katie, this has been going on for a long time, and I thought it might just be in my head so I have to ask," Oh no, here it comes. All my stolen moments have really been more public than I realized and all my years at Hogwarts are an embarrassment. 

"Why do you keep staring at me?" My heart beat quickened and my cheeks flushed. The hall was filled with students, I couldn't tell him, not here at least. Not to mention, I couldn't embarrass myself anymore now than I already had, right? I took a leap of faith, grabbing Tom's arm I ran down the hall and into the nearest empty room. I let go of him once we were inside and shut the door quickly. Leaning against it with my eyes closed, my whole body started shaking. What was I doing, had I lost my mind?


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