Wizarding College - Learning advanced magic

Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft is a renowned University in the wizarding world. Alongsidpe Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco and few other Hogwarts students, a Beauxbatons girl by the name of Scarlett visits the mysterious school. Is there bad blood after the happenings of the Battle of Hogwarts? Let me introduce you into a world full of magic, mystery, romance and drama. If you want to add a character, please fill out the form in the comments and I will sort you into one of the Trinita houses.


1. Introduction



She looked at her pocket watch nervously. Two minutes late. Her eyes were searching the dimly lit hall for something to distract her. The candles on the chandelier were just bright enough to make out the green wallpaper. She had never given it another thought but it was probably from the rococo era just as the manor itself. The couch she was sitting on was as old as the rest of the furniture and would be one of the things to not touch in a museum. Nevertheless she sat so nonchalantly on it as if it wasn't antique at all. She leaned against the armrest, her feet not quite touching the other one as she was pretty short. She had always asked herself where she got her petite frame from as she had never met her parents. However she assumed her height and her heart shaped face which looked very fragile, were passed on by her mother. Her dark curly hair however could also be a male trait and her piercing red eyes were unusual in both sexes. Which was one of the reason she changed their colour to light blue, her being a Metamorphmagus had surely saved her from many uncomfortable inquisitions. Another reason for her blue eyes had been her old school uniform. How she had detested to run around in the same pale blue as all the other Beauxbatons girls. Nevertheless she had been the prettiest in her school, apart from Fleur Delacour of course. She was still mad about Fleur being chosen for the Triwizard Tournament and not her. Harry Potter wouldn't have stood a chance against her, Mme Bellure had always assured her and made her even more confident in thinking so herself. Mme Bellure was the maid who had been taking care of Scarlett ever since she was born. Her parents may not have had great interest in raising her but they had organized her a stressless and luxurious life. 
"I am sincerely sorry for the delay, Miss." M. Gruière's voice made her jump.
M. Gruière was a tall, handsome man no five years older than Scarlett herself. The pearls of sweat lingering on his forehead hinted at a for September unusually high temperature. Of course it was never really cold in the south of France but it was even warmer than it had been during summer. 
"Everything is prepared for your departure, Miss," M. Gruière informed Scarlett. "I will be waiting in the car for you, Miss."
He bowed, left and closed the door behind him. The door was so huge that it made the chandelier shake although he had pulled it shut gently. Together with Mme Bellure, M. Gruière was Scarlett's favourite employee, as he was new and kind of awkward. Mme Bellure still couldn't believe that he was to replace M. Franc as Scarlett's chauffeur soon. It had also been her who had asked M. Franc to stay for another two months to show M. Gruière how to be a respectable employee instead of an useless worker. Scarlett left the house and instantly narrowed her eyes. The high windows of the manor didn't let half as much light in than she had thought and the brightness caught her by surprise. Mme Bellure guided her to the car and kept her from falling down the stairs of the porch. The front door flung open and M. Gruière frantically pulled the back door open for them. That the door hadn't fallen off was yet another sign for the good quality of the new Rolls Royce Silver Seraph. M. Franc had requested a new car a few months back as the 3 year old Rolls Royce Silver Spirit had been too old to drive Miss Scarlett with. Of course Mme Bellure had agreed as she always wanted the best for her dearly beloved Scarlett. 

Although Mme Bellure had expected this moment to come for the best part of Scarlett's summer holidays, she couldn't help becoming emotionally. 
"Promise me to write, Miss," she sniffed, trying desperately to hold back the tears. "Take care of yourself. If you need anything don't hesitate to send Maurice. Don't force yourself to stay there if you don't like it. We will find you another school. What am I saying, you are going to love every second of it. Farewell."
The only reason to keep her from accompanying her mistress was the college itself. As all the students including Scarlett would have to live in dormitories, she couldn't be of any help anyways. Scarlett gave her carers a last brief smile and vanished around the corner, leaving Mme Bellure in tears. She leaned against the wall and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. Never had she been on her own like this, not even at Beauxbatons. Back then she had shared her dormitory with Mme Bellure's daughter Marie who had taken care of her. Marie had got in huge trouble with her mother for not being accepted at Trinita College of Wizardry and Witchcraft. After all she had been the one who was supposed to take care of Scarlett when Mme Bellure couldn't. Now that neither of them could accompany her, Scarlett was relieved yet scared. 
"Could I please see your ticket?" the young woman at the counter asked her. 
Scarlett just looked at her before she realized there was no Mme Bellure to take care of all the formalities. Nervously she raided her purse for the ticket and started panicking as she couldn't find it. She reached inside her handbag as she remembered that the plane ticket had been too long to fit into her purse so she had carelessly thrown it into her bag. The woman smiled and gestured her to pass through and walk down a narrow corridor. At the end of the walk were another two young woman who asked for her ticket. Scarlett nervously handed it over and the woman looked at the ticket briefly. 
"Row 32B," she read out. "Welcome on board."
Scarlett waited to be seated until she eventually understood there wasn't such a service. As she walked away she could hear them talk. 
"Did she seriously wait for us to show her to her seat?" the woman who had looked at her ticket asked the other. 
"I don't know but have you seen her costume," the other one giggled. "French girls are so weird."
Scarlett didn't like the Beauxbatons uniform herself but Mme Bellure had made her wear it so that everybody could see she had been to the Academy of Beauxbatons. Of course she could pride herself on having visited the most valued and known girls school in the world. Especially as she had been the best of her year and better than Fleur who had graduated a year before her. About an hour after takeoff the plane landed and Scarlett got off as one of the first. Nevertheless she had to patiently wait for her suitcase as everybody else did. The airport was a lot busier than she had expected. Twenty minutes she had to wait for her suitcase to arrive and magically lowered the weight so she could grab it on her own. She began wondering whether there was a shuttle to the college or if she had to take public transport. Never had she thought about somebody picking her up but of course Mme Bellure had taken care of everything. A tall man stood in the arrival hall, holding a sign displaying Scarlett's name. He stared at her as if he knew her already, surprise showing on his face. 
"Hi, I'm Scarlett." she let him know and reached out her hand. 
He looked at her hand as if it would give him an electric shock but shook it although his hand was slightly shaking. 
"Miss Scarlett," he said and smiled faintly. "If you would please follow me." 
The fact that he was also driving a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph made her feel more comfortable around the unsettling man. He didn't introduce himself nor did he talk much at all so naturally Scarlett spent most of the time staring out of the window. Fascinated by the cars driving on the left side of the road she didn't pay much attention to her surroundings. Outside of town with less traffic she thought the countryside to be unnaturally green. The area around Carcassonne where she had lived was a light green-yellowish colour at its best as it was always very dry. After what felt like an eternity, the car came to a halt in front of a grand, mysteriously dark mansion. She doubted whether this was really the place for her to be. Has this man really been sent by Mme Bellure? He got out and opened her door, smiling broadly. She hesitated but finally took his hand, having him guiding her out of the limousine. 

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