This story is about Jack Johnson. Its about a girl who moves away from home and goes to Santa Monica, Califronia to visit her Bestfriend. When she gets there thing will be diffrent. Jack will fall inlove with her and So will one of his friends. Who will she choose??


4. Me to you

Jack POV


"Just a little bit of your heart, Just a little bit of your heart, Just a little bit of heart is all I'm asking for."

Dess finished singing. She took off her headphones and asked 'how was that?' I gave her a thumbs up and a wink. She bit her lip looked down and giggled.


"Baby-girl you sounded great let me talk to Craig real quick" I said and let go of the button. I turned in my spinny chair and look at Jack G., Cameron, Aaron, Nash, and Craig.


"What do you guys think?" I asked them. I looked at each of them individually. Cam nodded his head with an approved look. I smiled and gave another thumbs up to her.


"How bout you" I nodded my head toward Jack. He stood up and howled while clapping like a retarded seal on crack. I laughed and heard Dess laugh as-well. She so cute.


"What about you Aaron?" I asked and turned my head towards him. As I said that Dess walked out and walked beside my chair. She shifeted so all he weight was one one leg.


"How you guys doing?" She asked while going behind me and putting head hands in my hair. I tossed my head back and closed my eyes in pleasure. 


"So how about you Aaron" I asked again. I opened one eye and looked at him he had this weird face on while biting his lip. Looking at Dess, MY Dess. Dess moved from behind me to beside me. I grab her hands and intertwine our fingers while puling her into my lap.


"I think she's very good. I love her voice" He said and winked at her. She chuckled and looked down. I frowned and kissed her cheek. She giggled and turned and kissed my cheek.


"I think she has a shot at it JJ." Craig said. I nodded and looked at her. She looked at me and smiled. I picked up my phone as it beeped. 



bro stop i liked her first. back off bro



no u didn't dude i liked her way longer than u have. so chill



fine this means war



i guess it does


After that i ended the conversation and glared at him. Dess's phone beeped and she looked at it. Her eyes went huge and she looked at the time.


"Oh shit, I need to go home Kayla's looking for me. Ughhh. Kayla is her best friend/roommate. She is so annoying. She always tries to impress me by wearing slutty outfits and treating Dess like a slave when I'm around. I don't like her. I like Dess. She knows that but wants me to go out with her.


"Ok c'mon I'll you home" I said and picking her up off my lap. and walking her out. I said bye to the guys and they returned with saying 'bye bro' and 'bye babes' to me and Dess.




We arrived at her apartment and turned off the engine. Dess was sitting in the car looking at her apartment. She looked nervous and I asked why.


"I don't like living here with Kayla and me by our selves."


"Babes why?" I whispered getting comfortable in the front of the car. 


"I don't know maybe cause I'm scared she gonna hurt me in my sleep" She whispered back while turning to look at me. I looked at her confused until she explained why. Long story short. Kayla liked me and wanted Dess to stay away from me. Typical white girl. And she said if she didn't then Dess will get what's coming at her.


"Bitch bye, she won't do anything if I were around" I said looking at Dess. She nodded and asked if I could spend the night.


"Hell yeah i would love to baby" I whispered while stroking her cheek. and with that we went into the house.






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