Beautiful excuse

Octavia never though that she would fall for guy like him. he was a walking trouble the aura around him was cold as ice and the look in his face gave everyone goosebumps, even his name was something what bad boy would have. he was Donovan Black.


1. my hero

Octavia Wilder 



it was dark and the streets were empty. why did i have to stay at Cassie's so long? why didn't i just stay at hers? but i wanted to sleep at my own bed with my fluffy cat Florence. i still had like five blocks left. i heard footsteps behind me and fastened my own as i saw a shadow get closer i didn't dare to look behind me. i knew this was a bad idea. i my heart was in my throat as i realized that the person was following me. suddenly i was pulled by my hair.i let a scream the person harshly pushed me against the tile wall. "aren't you a pretty little thing?" filthy voice spoke as he reeked of alcohol. he started to touch me and i tried my best to fight back and panic over took me as i realized that he was much stronger than me. "stop!" i cried out but he just slapped me harshly to the cheek. this was it. i was going to loose my virginity to some drunk filthy raper. i did my best to fight back but no help. "stop! please." i cried tears streaming down my cheeks and my vision was blurred by the tears. "we are going to have fun. why should i stop?" he laugh dirtily. "somebody help me!" i screamed out and he placed his hand over my mouth. he opened the zipper of my jeans and i cried out. suddenly he was ripped of me. and i fell down for the shock and panic. i saw the dirty man who attacked  me being tackled to the ground as the person who he was attacked for punched him. "you are fucking lucky that you didn't get to rape her. i would have killed you. you peace of shit. i am going to kill you if i ever see you again. get lost!" the person roared to the man and got of him. he rushed over me. "shhh its okay." he said kneeling down in front of me. "can you stand?" he asked softly. i nodded he helped me up but my knees gave up. and he wrapped his arm around my waist so that i didn't fall. "lets get you out of here." he said. "where are you going?" he asked. "home. just few blocks from here." i said sobbing and shaking a bit as i felt cold. he took his jacket off and wrapped it around my shoulders. "just tell me the directions. we will go faster if i carry you.little bird" he said and lifted me up like i weigh nothing. as he carried me i finally saw what he looked a like. i gasped causing him to look down to me and i blushed and looked away. he was maybe few years older than me. he had blond curly hair and strong yawn lines. he was very attractive. "thank you. so much." i whispered. he looked at me and i felt nervous. "its okay. i am sorry that you had to go through that." he said softly. we reached to my apartment."where are your keys,little bird?" he asked softly. "back pocket." i said tiredly. i felt dip in my stomach as he gently took my keys from the back pocket of my jeans. he opened the door. my apartment tiny one person apartment. he placed me softly to my bed. "wait." i said as he was leaving. he turned around. "what is your name." i asked. he smiled a little. "Donovan." he said. "thank you Donovan." i said shyly. "you will be okay?" he asked walking back and sitting  edge of my bed. "mmh." i hummed. "you want me to stay over?" he asked as reading my thoughts. don't get me wrong but i was still bit tense about everything what happened and though of being alone in my house. i would probably be awake all night and jump for every sound. "if thats okay. i mean you already have done so much" i  said shyly. it was strange thing to ask since he was a total stranger. "its okay, i will stay." i said softly. his voice was probably the most calming voice i had ever heard. i couldn't really explain it. but it made my heart calm down and totally my insides melt. "whats your name,little bird?" he asked turning his gaze to me. "Octavia." "Octavia. i like it." i said i could hear a smile in his tone. "you can sleep on the bed i will take the coach." i said sitting up. "i will take the sofa. its okay." he said touching my hands softly and i lied back. "okay." i said. "good night little bird." he said. why did he call me that? but i kinda liked it. 


"aren't you pretty little thing?" his filthy voice spoke as he slapped me. "please stop." i cried. his evil laugh echoed in the dark as i only saw his cruel voice. "stop!" i tried to scream but nothing came out. "no one will hear you or save you this time!" he laugh. i cried and his dirty hands touched my body. 

"Octavia!Octavia! wake up." i heard voice say as i opened my eyes. it was Donovan. "huh." i said as my cheeks were wet from the tears. "it was just a nightmare." he said softly. and i sobbed. "shhh. its okay." he said. "could you maybe sleep next to me." i asked shyly while sobbing. "of course little bird." he said softly as he got next to me and got under the covers and pulled me to his arms and i pressed my face against his chest and felt safe as the sleep over took my tired body.


i opened my eyes slowly. i felt relieved that i was still in his arms. i feared that he was going to leave. i don't know why but i just felt like that. he was in deep sleep. i didn't want this moment to end. i studied at his face. now i saw him more clearer since last night the only  light were dim street lights. he was breath taking looked like an angel. i couldn't help my self as my fingers softly touched his blonde locks. they were soft. he "what are you doing little bird." he said huskily. his morning voice was something beautiful. "sorry."i said pulling my hand off his hair. "no don't stop. it felt nice." he said still keeping his eyes shut and moved his head closer. "thank you. for staying." i said. "you really have to stop thanking me." he said opening his eyes and bite my lip a little as i saw the color of his eyes in the day light. they were piercing blue. he got up and gasped again for thousand time as i realized that he had removed his shirt at the night. "seeing something you like." he smirked winking at me as he turned around showing of his well built body. "um. you want breakfast?" i said changing the subject and getting of the bed too. "i would love to. but i gotta go." he said pulling his shirt on. i pouted. "really." i said looking at him with puppy eyes. he groaned and rolled his eyes. "i really do. meet me at the beckley's  coffee shop at two pm." he said taking his jacket. "okay." i said giving him a soft smile. "can i get your number." i asked shyly. he smiled and took his phone from his pocket. we exchanged numbers. "i don't usually do this. but i like you." he said huskily. he took me by my waist. "its a date." he said and i melted. what was happening? and then he was out of the door. 


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