i hate you, i love you

Just the name, Bieber, makes Selena sick.
Because they were inseparable from the start until along came the fame and the high life for Justin, leaving Selena forgotten about.

3 years later, 'The Biebs' is back in town.
He's a changed person, but so is Selena.
He hates her but she hates him more.
Justin's cocky attitude is hiding who he really is, but Selena can't see passed his big ego and perfect hair.
Can they find their long lost friendship once again, love, or will it stay a battle for them both?


1. The New Kid

Chapter 1:

I walk into school, tired as ever. First day back and I'm already wishing it was the last day again. I signed my name and saw the office lady sit down.

"Late on the first day again, Miss Gomez" she said sternly.

"Sorry, I had to..." I said trying to think of a random excuse, "help my mum- my mum needed some help with moving some stuff into....our new house" I lied and sighed, mentally hoping that it made sense.

"Well just letting you know that there is a new student in year 11. Be nice make him feel welcome, he seems a little nervous."

"Do you know his name?" I asked as another lady started talking to the office lady.

"Hold that for a second dear" she said getting off the chair so I waited and waited for a couple of minutes but then left to get to class.

I sat down in my usual spot next to Alex, my best friend.

"OH-EM-GEE, did you see the new kid?!" She whispered loudly shaking my arm.

"Ow and no, why?" I asked, rubbing my arm.

"He is SO hot!" She squealed.

"Miss Montague, please stop talking otherwise I will move your seat." Mr Drenkin said and she mumbled an apology.



This new kid new how to keep a name but not show his face.

"Oh my god, is Justin Bieber actually at this school?" I heard a girl ask as I passed their table. I laughed at her comment and rolled my eyes.

'Is Justin Bieber at this school?' Why on earth would he be here?

Some people.

The name of Justin Bieber...made me feel weird things. We have a long amount of history together, we were best friends until he became famous and completely changed.


I sat down at my table with Alex and a few others. I picked at my roll as I scanned the cafeteria for any unfamiliar faces.

"Selena you look worried, what's up?" Tia asked and I tuned back in.

"Huh?" I asked, "oh nah I'm just kinda tired" I said and tuned out from their boy talk.

I walked with Alex to buy a drink from the caff,

"So have you seen him yet?" Alex nudged me.

"No, I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't seen him!" I crossed my arms in frustration.

I paid my money and walked out, "what's up with everyone going on about Justin Bieber?" I asked.

"Uhhh because he is the new kid?" Alex said and I stopped walking.

"WHAT?!" I said too loudly. "Justin Bieber?" I said just to be clear, in case I was daydreaming.

"Justin Bieber all the way" she squealed.

This can NOT be good. I breathed in and out just in case of me passing out. A bunch of loud boys entered through the doors and before I knew it I was knocked over on the floor with food covering me.

"Duuuude, look what you did!" I heard one of them laugh as I died of humiliation.

"Sorry about that." One of them said as I stood up. I moved my hair out of my face and saw the last person I expected to be there. He looked at me, I looked at him and I smirked.

I grabbed a handful of spaghetti off me and slapped his face with it and the whole cafeteria erupted into 'OOOH'

"Bitch" he said.

"Asshole" I replied and blew him a kiss.

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