Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


9. 7



It has been a week of fun fun fun. Chris took me over to the beach yesterday and we just have had so much fun. Today he says I don't have to go to school which means sweet! But I wonder why he is like that?


"Get up were going cliff diving today!" he said as I stood up fast "really" cliff diving sounds like so much fun! "Uh get up and get ready!" he said as I groaned getting up from bed. As I jumped into the shower and took a shower. "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me don't ya don't ya" I said dancing in the shower. Well sang. Yes I sing in the shower.


As I got out wrapping the towel around me then going to my room. "Stay away from her she don;t need to be hurt again look you you did to her she hardly remembers anything she tries to but she hardly remembers all because of you!" I heard Chris yell as I was hearing. "No I didn't-" "yes you did she got into that wreck and you just left you never stayed not even holding her hand" Chris and the guy yelled.


Then *SLAM* there the door had went gone shut. I ran on my room knowing Chris would get mad if he had known I was listening as I ran into my room doing my daily routine. "You ready?"Chris asked walking in as I nodded and got up following him. Also I hate having a short term memory! Ever sine I was in the hospital I now have a short term memory...


shot I know but likeeee


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