Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


7. 6



"Michael and Ashton get down here" I yelled at the top of my lungs while Luke was in the shower and boy did he take the most longest showers possible. "What?" Michael groaned super angry that I woke him up. "This is only between us boys we need to talk!" I said as Ashton sat down but Michael groaned. "Okay so Crystal and Luke what do you think?" I asked as Michael got a disgusted look on his face.


"I think Crystal is beautiful and sweet and funny, she is a dangerous girl though! Also I love her and I need to stay away from her because I can't control myself soon I'll just try and yea... but Luke and Crystal are cute together don't get me wrong I ship them,,, but I want Crystal,,, but we need to get it to where they get back together!" Michael said


"I think that Luke and Crystal are so cute together, its just about Chris and what happened, I don't think he would like her doing that getting with Luke. After all he takes care of her ever since their mum committed suicide. But they were adorable I just think if Luke hurts her that she wont come back this time!" Ashton said.


Okay Michael was just about how he liked her and Ashton was about Crystal getting with Luke and the worst problem. "Okay thank you" i smile as I got up and went to my room.  



"Hey Crystal wanna go jump off cliffs with some friends?" Chris asked which I nodded as his face lit up. "Go grab you simming suit" he said which I got up and took off to my room. I grabbed a black and yellow swimming suit. The top had one side yellow and the other black and the bottoms had two big black eyes on the butt. As I threw it on and then a big shirt and grabbed two towels and ran downstairs seeing Chris ready too. "My friends will be checking you out though" he stated.


Making me laugh we heard a honk as we walked out seeing a car full of boys well I guess some fun... 


We come to a big cliff with deep water at the bottom. One named Jayton weird name I know but he's a bad boy. He jumped off going down with a splash as we all watched. Then I felt two hands go to push me but then another set of hands grabbed me. "Dylan don't you're going to scare her" Chris said.  Dylan laughed and jumped in. I guess there is like a path that leads up to this from the water. Because Jayton was here super soon.  

"I'm going to jump off then you come right after me" Chris said as I nodded. He jumped off as I waited until I felt like it was the right time. "No wonder why Chris don't like guys to around you we have to keep you on a tight leash well he does" Max said with a wink. As it scared me a little as I jumped off and down into the water.


Wow! This is cold water! Chris was right next to me as he laughed probably at me expression at the cold water. Then he signaled me to follow him so I did as I was right he climbed out on a rock helping me up it as we started walking up the cliff. "Did any of my friends say anything" Chris asked as I nodded "what did they say?" he asked serious. "no wonder why you kept me on a tight leash" I shrugged "stay close to me" he said as I nodded.


Chris Black

(there are going to be a couple POV's in this)

People say that I am over protective or weird when it comes to my sister when it comes to my sister talking to guys. But I just worry about her so she don't get hurt. I love my sister.


"Bro your sister is hot" Dylan said it was his first time meeting my sister and my family. We just entered my room from eating dinner. "She as a boyfriend but I don't want to be friends with guys who try to get in my sisters pants!" I exclaimed. But it was true why would I want that. "Who is her boyfriend?" he asked making me sigh. "You know Michael and his group of friends?" I asked which he nodded "well there you go Luke Hemmings she loves him" I said worried. What if he hurts her? "Oh well I guess I'll have to wait" he sighed sadly.


The memory made me cringe because I don't want my sister sad again...... Especially with what happened with her and Luke with the whole amnesia thing...


I'm going to try to keep her away from Luke because it worries me!!!


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