Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


6. 5



He pulled up as I waved bye "bye Luke" she shut the door and ran to the door as I seen Chris he embraced me he looked worried and sad. "I'm so sorry I never meant it like that" he said as I felt tears fall onto me was he crying? "your fine" I said patting his back. "Mom isn't coming home though" he said sniffling "oh uh ok" I said sadly I haven't seen mum at all. 


"Your coming home today" a guy said as he walked in wait okay I met him yesterday he's my brother named Chris. He entered the room and gave me a heart warming smile. "Sweet" I got up still feeling pain. I feel like someone should be here but I just can't put my finger on it. "Mom is on a field trip and mum and dad would always fight and one day dad and mum split apart" he said helping me up "when will I see mom next?" I asked. He shrugged as we were walking out "I feel like someone should be here" I said as worry filled his face. "Like who?" he asked sounding like he was going to pass out. "I have no idea just a feeling" I said he nodded sighing in relief as we come to the car. "Is this new?" I asked he laughed and shook his head "no I've had this car for a while" he laughed. 

"So what did you do?" he asked "is there something you haven't told me yet like an ex or something?" I asked his face went white. "Lets go talk" he said sadly as I followed him sitting on the couch. "Ready for the story?" he said which I nodded as he sighed hesitantly.


"You were a sad girl who was depressed and talked to people about hoe you feel but people tried and tried you just wouldn't open up to them, then you met him, Luke. You seemed the be happier as you guys would hang out more and more and then one day you and him got together. Yes you were happy but then this girl named Ashley she hated you and she knew your weakness was Luke. So she tried and got what she wanted it broke your heart and you left his house. You left him to come to me then while you were driving you hit into a car. He showed up got a glimpse of you and left and hasn't come back" Chris told me "What happened to mum?" I asked as he sighed.


"Yes I have been lying to you but when you were in the hospital they told mum you wouldn't make it and it broke her and she was so depressed she put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger she was so beautiful and strong" tears left his eyes. I hugged him. "Its okay" I said. "Just please if you get back with Luke don't let him break you again" he said which I nodded.  


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