Trying to Remember

Love hurts... it may put you in danger...


1. 1

"If you don't love me then why even try from the start" her eyes watered as she stormed out of the house crying with me following her. "No please Crystal I do love you" I said trying to make her stay she turned around and tilted her head. "Then why did you go do that with Justice you know she hates me and she tried because I had you and you let her" tears escaped her eyes as she wiped them away. "No babe I do I really love you" I said she inhaled deeply and walked away and into her car. "Please stay for one more night" I begged she sighed "tonight" she said as it was late at night. She come into the house and layed down as I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her shoulder "I love you" I said as sleep took over us. Then I woke up with an empty bed and seeing her things were gone. As I opened the dressers and seen her clothes were gone. She left me stranded!


"Luke you okay?" Calum asked me snapping me out of my day dream I nodded and bit my lip ring feeling my eyes watering. "Yea fine" I said he gave me a sad look then nodded as he walked out of my room that night she left me and got in a car wreck and now... now she can't remember nothing. Not anything we have ever went through. 


*Ring ring ring* my phone rang as I tried to make my voice sound more clear "hello" I wiped some tears away "its Crystal Luke she just got in a wreck and she is out she might die" her mum sounded super sad. Worry struck me as I got up so fast and grabbed my keys and my leather jacket then I out on my beanie as I ran outside to my car. With my feet freezing from the snow as I drove off like a maniac to the hospital. My eyes watered as I ran inside seeing Christianna Crystal's mum sobbing as Crystal's brother Chris was hugging her with red eyes and a wet face. "Where is she" I said as Chris stiffened up seeing me. "In room 304" she sobbed as I ran there seeing her... the most beautiful girl. "No no no" I cried running up to Crystal seeing tubes down her throat and other things. I did this! I thought as I ran out as fast as I could.


I walked out of my house with Calum following with these memories hitting me one by one I hate these memories. We got into the car as I drove off to the store and boy I went fast. Getting out putting on my sun glasses walking to the double doors with Calum by me. Tonight is movie night with me Calum Ashton and Michael my friends. "Okay so pop corn and cake and pie and candy and soda" Calum said "oh and chips" I reminded him he nodded as we grabbed a basket going to the chips section. Calum grabbed what he wanted as I was grabbing the chips I wanted. Michael and Ashton like the chips were getting so that's good! 


"Bro isn't that Crystal" Calum nudged my arm as I looked up seeing her reaching up to grab something but she was too short. "Still beautiful" Calum said with wide eyes making me punch him playfully "go help her" he said pushing me "no" "scaredy cat" he teased as I sighed. Okay I will go ask if she needs help! As I made my way up to her "hi do you need help?" I asked looking at Calum laughing so hard. "Yea" she said staring at me as I grabbed it but a whole bunch of chips came down falling on me. "Oops well but here" I grabbed a bag of chips and handed it to her "thanks" she paused staring at me. "Do I know you?" she asked as fear struck me. 


"I don't know do I?" I asked she nodded "something makes me feel different sorry I'm going to go back to shopping" she said and took off before I could say anything. Does she remember me? 



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