New girl


2. run

Mateo P.O.V 
In my first period class. Bored. I heard the door open and saw a gorgeous girl. She was thick too, LAWDD. She was about 5'4 and her hair was super curly. 
I licked my lips under my mask. 
"Hey Sexy" I heard a voice in my ear 
I turned my head an saw Tate. Ugh 
Tate is the girl that everyone been with, the school know it all and the person who always think they winning at everything. She mostly think that because her dad runs is the principal so she can do what she wants. 
"Hop off please" I turned back in my seat. I heard laughing, I looked up and saw the girl again. I didn't catch her name or what she did. I turned back in my seat which was by its self in the corner. I felt eyes on me so I looked up and turned my head and saw the girl. She probably couldn't see my face expression because if my mask but I was smiling. She looked down blushed really hard. Heh cute. I turned around and I guess she looked back up. I heard snickering and laughing. 
"Someone have a crush on Mateo" 
I looked up and saw my friend, laughing. He's the class clown so I expect that. I looked over slightly and saw her blushing again aw. We started to learn at the last min but the bell rung. Thank you god. It was only the first day, I'm not ready to learn. We all got up and saw her getting up. Seem like she was coming to me.

Rory P.O.V 
After that little awkward moment the teacher started to talking about what we going to do during the year. She went to her desk and grab some papers but the bell rung. Hallelujah. I saw everyone get up but I waited for Mateo to get up once he did I followed. 
I walked close behind him and I grabbed his small tiny butt. "Great ass" I said and winked
Before I could run away he grabbed my arm and left me up. "Nooooo.... Wait" I tried to say between laughs 
"There's no wait ma'am" he chuckled 
I was over he's shoulder. My ass in he's face and my head behind him. 
"You wanna play huh" he said spinning me and taking me somewhere. 
I screamed a little and giggled "your going to make me dizzy" 
"So" with a sly smile 
"Hey ! You too No horse playing" we heard a Male voice 
"Shit" I heard Mateo say under he's breathe 
It must be one of the security.uh oh
"Hold on love" he said and started to run 
I wasn't ready then he zoomed off. My hat flew off. "My hat !" I saw a girl pick it up and gave me a thumbs up, she looked familiar too. I smiled and yelled thanks
"Where are we going" I asked hold on 
"Boys bathroom" 
"Ew! Gross NOOOO" I screamed and started to kick my legs so he can drop me 
"I'm playing, I have a spot tho" he said still running and pushing people in the way 
I saw the girl that tried to bully and sticked out my tongue "bitch" 
"What not you that girl" i said to Mateo
"Tate nobody like her but her clones" he said looking back 
I made a smart sound, it seemed like we been running forever but then he made a sharp turn. It jerked me around and hurt my boob. "Ow Mateo" I hit his back 
He laughed and we entered a room. 
He dropped me on my ass "MATEO" 
I sat there in pain.
"Damn bro, first day and you got girls screaming your name" 
I got up fast that I almost fell back down "who you" 
"I'm he's brother Ayo" 
"That's not your real name" I squint my eyes at him
He laughed and walked off. I turned back to Mateo and he still trying to breathe. Tired ass
I walked up to him and said "thanks for the ride" and tried to open the door 
"You can't leave, your going to get In trouble" he blocked the door 
"So what I supposed to do here" 
"Sit and chill" 
I looked around and it seemed cool 
Game systems and T.V everywhere 
"Cool" I was about to walk away but Mateo pulled my arm and did a move and somehow I was pushed against the wall by him.
"What the hell" I said 
"I wasn't finish" he said 
He left me up and he made me wrapped my legs around him
My back pinned on the wall and my legs open. Good thing I have on jeans
He looked at me in a sexy way and I got chills. This boy is so fine
He got closer and I thought he was going to kiss me but nope. 
He pushed me to wall further so I couldn't move 
He pulled down my shirt and my boob popped out. I blushed really hard and he went in. 
I licked my nipple and started to stuck. 
Little moans escape my mouth on accident 
"Ya like that huh. Wait till you meet my.." 
I stopped him there 
"You must to do this with all girls, I'm not one of them". I said rolling my eyes 
"Nah I don't do it with others" 
"Don't believe u" I said i tried to push him off but he was too strong
He put he's mouth back on my titty and went back to what he was doing
"Your going to give me a hickey" 
"That's the point" he smiled 
This boy is getting me heated, i'm not a hoe but i had to suffer/enjoy this moment

/////10 min later//////

We heard the bell ring by this time we was on the couch in the room. He was on top of me. I was loving it not going to lie "sorry love time for lunch" i said with a smirk
He started to pull down my pants. I punched him in his back hard.
"MATEO IM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL" I said pushing him off 
He laughed " I was playing" 
"Whatever" i rolled my eyes
I put my boob back in my shirt and saw 7 hickies 
"Yea sorry I was going to work" 
"I see that" checking them out 
I looked down and saw he's "friend"
"Maybe you should go to work on that" I winked and rubbed my ass against it and walked out 
This boy going to get me in trouble 👅 
i walked out the room and saw crowds of people walking. OMG I DONT LIKE PEOPLE. i pushed past them and made my way to the cafeteria. I saw my friend at a table and it was 2 girls there sitting with him. hmmmm. I walked over and saw a girl that picked up my hat and a girl that look bi but i wasnt sure. "what the hell happened to your chest" jay said to me. i got stucked for a minute, I didn't know what to tell him. 
"I'm guessing that boy who carried you off showed you a good time" the girl who had my hat 
I looked at her face and saw it was my cousin (melody)

"Bitch ! I didn't know you were here" I screamed 
She laughed and so did jay. Jay liked her ever since we was little so I understood. I squinted at both of them. 
"This was a trick ! You assholes" I acted mad for a little but hugged my cousin. 
She was the one that always was there for me when my mom couldn't be. We was the same age and we did everything together. Love this girl to the moon and back. "But back to your chest... What guy" he said getting a spoon if he's jello. 
"Mateo" I mumbled and sat down beside Mel 
"Come again" he said almost choking 
He never like the guys I'm into because of whatever reason. I have a good pick, I believe. 
"Mateo" I said louder I signed loudly 
"You know you can die over him, every girl wants him" he said "be careful" 
"No one knows but you guys" I said with a happy smirk
"Here's your hat Hun" she said putting back on my head. "Sank you" 
"Whose she" I pointed cause I'm a ass 
"Don't point it's rude" she said 
Ok so who are you then the fuck" I said catching a attitude. 
"Mami, no tengas grosero"(mami don't be rude) Mel said nudging me 
The girl laughed and said "I'm Nessy" 
Hmmm don't care anymore took too long. "That's nice" I said take jello off of Mel lunch tray 
"This is a girl I met in my class I invited her" jay said I rolled my eyes 
"Could've said that before" 
We heard screams and we all turned around a fight was going on. Someone was approaching someone. I saw the girl Tate coming this way. This girl got me fucked up 
She was coming my way and she stop in front of me. I waited and so didn't everyone else 
She better not try anything because I'm not scared at all bitch
Hey guys that's for letting me know you like it. Please keep doing it 
I'll update as much as I can babes . I'm going to put a picture of jayNessy, Tate and her clones below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼Please comment if you like it. 
Sorry for any errors in the story
Like it please and thank you guys. 
Your lil light skinn 👽😈😻

Jay ☝🏼️☝🏼 *i know jay does not look like my description just bare with me guys :)*

Nessy ☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼

Tate ☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

Clone (Marisa)☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

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