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3. Lunch Time Fight

Rory P.O.V 
Tate finally arrived to us. We all stand even jay. I waited on what she had to say. But all she did was stare at us. Don't tell me this bitch did all this for nothing because I'm ready to swing hands. "How may I help you?" I said looking at her up and down. She ignored me and went closer to Mel. I watching Mel balled up her fist. "I don't like you melody" Tate said putting a finger in her face. "Ohhhh Tate your acting like I give a fuck. Period" she clapped back. I was kind of dancing on the inside cause she came back on her. 
While I was watching the situation happened at the corner of my eye I saw Nessy about to throw a punch. Oh hell nahh she had me fucked up


I jumped behind Mel and started to throw hands. My punched was going directly to her face. DONT. YOU. EVER. TRY. TO. SNEAK. HER. I said every time I hit her.

I kept hitting her everywhere, her forehead head, jaw, cheek but mainly her eyes and I wanted her to give a black eye. She was on the floor I was hovering her. She did a move and I fell but I got on top and started to smash her head in the granite floors hard while still punch her. I have magical powers when I fight. People saw blood gushing from her eyes and her head, I started to her "oooooo" and "stop the fight" but I wasn't stopping I kept going. 
I felt someone hands on my waist pulling me off so I grabbed the bitch hair and dragged her along with me. I heard a voice "let her hair go love" I looked up and saw Mateo. Kind of got happy so I did what he told me to do. 
I looked up and saw Mel had Tate in the corner. 
I cheered her on "YEA CUZZO SHE GOT US FUCKED UP" I saw two people grabbing her to take her off of Tate. I saw Mateo brother and jay but she was still holding on. 
Mateo pulled me into the hallway. 
"What was that" he said angry 
"A fight. Duh what else" I said smartly looking at my hands checking die brushing and I saw a little piece of her teeth. Ew. I pulled it out. It hurt a little but I can bare with it. 
"I don't have time for your smart shit right now" Mateo said making me look up 
"They approached us Mateo what else you wanted us to do" 
"Don't give in" she said lowering his voice 
"Well with us it don't go like that" I said trying to walk away to find Mel 
He grabbed me tight and pushed me into the wall. Again pushed up against the wall by him. He looked up in my eyes and I stared back.
"I don't want you to leave this school, I have plenty more to show you" he grinned 
I rolled my eyes and said "I won't, I'll fine a way too get out of it" 
I walked off and he followed me. Heh pet. I saw Mel on top of the lockers. 
"What the hell guys" I said to jay and "Ayo" 
"She can't get down cause she to short, so we put her up there to calm her down" Ayo said 
I kind of laugh and Mel got upset 
"I'm calm, NOW GET ME THE HELL DOWN" she screamed 
We all laughed and she made a puppy dog face 
"Aww" Ayo said. Jay mugged him and looked back at Mel 
"Jump ill catch you I said" holding my hands out 
She jumps and I catch her but I also fall so Mateo had he's hands out just in case and he caught us. 
We laughed and thank him 
"Rory and Mel Johnson report the main office. Rory and Mel Johnson report the main office" the box from the hallway speaker
We all got quite and mel looked at me. She grabbed my hand and acted all dramatic. She's a drama queen but I love her. 
"Jay this is your fault for inviting the girl to sit with us" Mel said 
"I-I didn't know Melly" he said with a certain tone that Mel like sometimes 
"Don't call me Melly" she said and she pushed me along to walk with her 
He looked at me and I look at him and shrugged my shoulders. 
I turned around and we was straight ahead from the office. 
We went in and the people greeted Mel like she been here before.
"Got in a lot of fights so they know me" she whispered. 
"You didn't get kicked out" I said back 
"No, I have one of the Highest test score and I give the school publicy" she said "I just fight, so we should be fine" 
I relaxed a little and they called us in 
"Hey prince" Mel greeted him 
"Sit down please" he said 
They shut the door behind us after we sat down. 
"Mr.Wattson..." Mel started but he cut her off 
"Fighting isn't allowed in the school and Mel you should know that. I'm tired of repeating myself over and over. When are you going to learn" he started off with 
Mel and i just say there and took it. 
"What's out punishment, so we can go on with our day sir" Mel said 
Damn she got heart I was just stuck there while she talked 
He chuckled "I was just trying to scare your friend here" 
"She my cousin sir" she said smiling 
"Well then, they apple don't fall far from the tree huh" she said 
I see where he's daughter get her mouth from. I just sat there and rolled my eyes. 
"Punishment Mr.Wattson" she said rushing him 
I love my cousin she always have the hook ups here some how 
He signed "I have gave you all the punishments so I thought of a new one for you and your cousin" 
We waited for him to say it. I was kind of getting impatient too. We heard the bell ring and lunch was over and our class was starting. We was still waiting. 
"Your punishment is to baby sit my kids. After school till I get home or my wife" 
"what!!" We both yelled 
I'm ok with baby Sitting but do he know that we don't like he's daughter AT ALL 
"Sir your daughter, we don't lik-" Mel started 
"Don't care that both of your punishment. After school you will do it, no excuses. Rides and food will be provide for you. Now get out my office I have a meeting with the bathroom" he said pushing us out 
That's disturbing to say or even think about.
Mel was out of the office and Mel looked at me "least we have free food" she said shrugging her shoulders 
I signed now I have to deal with her after school too. This fucking blows 
I don't like the girl what so ever. 
"I'll see you after school love" she said blew me a kiss I caught it and she was on her way to class. 
I pulled out my schedule and looked at me class and I was on my way. I touched my head and my hat was gone of course I giggled a little. And I went into my class. 
After school I have to see Tate again. Ughhhhhh hate this. I rather see Mateo fine ass. 

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