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4. after school.

 last period of the day. THANK YOU LAWD. i was in my math class and i heard snickering. i turned around and saw her clones here with me. i haven't heard them all class time now they want to start shit. i play that game too. " hey AURORA ! what happened to your hand, got your ass beat ha !" she said looking around for laughs no one did because mostly everyone saw me beat her ass. "look at ya girl and see who really got beat Hun" i said lift myself to sit up. "oh by the way Kayla (learned that bitch name), where were you when Tate got beat up by melody" i turned my head to the side and blinked repeatedly. SHADE.  i waited for her to respond and she didn't but she got up like she was bout to hit me. i stood up too because i'm not about to back down from anything. i stood at my desk and everyone was watching even the teacher. she walked really slow and try to be sexy wasn't really working for her. i waited and looked at my nails because i got bored. she finally arrived and she came extra close to me. she left up her hand i balled up my fist tight cause i'm going to make my punches hurt. she hand was so close to my face i lift up my arm and she pulled me to her lips. DID THIS BITCH JUST KISSED ME. i felted her tongue try to go in my mouth i fucking rejected it and pushed her off of me. "the fuck was that" i screamed because i was so confused. "i can treat you better than mateo, hit me up when you really for something real boo" she said going back to her seat. the bell rung. i sat there while everyone left out. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS GAY YO. i sat there and i sat there. the teacher just allowed me too, she left out the room for a second then i heard "she in there" from a voice.  they opened the door and i saw mel,jay,mateo and "ayoo". "what the hell happened to you" mateo asked. i just ignore him and just sat there in silence. mel squinted her eyes and investigated, she looked at my eyes and skin. the last thing she looked at was my lips. "SOMEONE KISSED YOU!!" she said "you have lip gloss on your lips, so it must've been a girl" mel said looking at me for a answer. i still didn't i was just stuck and horrified. i was mateo face expression change. Is someone jealous??. jay looked at mel and touched her shoulder. "don't touch me." she moved over from him. i stayed there and ayo looked like he didn't have any patience so he shooked me all up because she couldn't wait. it helped a little i got my state of mind back kind of. "who the hell kissed you....uh..." ayo said. HE DON'T KNOW MY NAME.  "you don't know my name" i said. "you never told me" ayo said but i didn't want to hear that bullshit even if it is true or not. i looked at mateo. "mateo tell him my name" i said in confidence. "uh em" he said out his mouth. "YOU DON'T KNOW MY NAME, I INTRODUCED MYSELF IN OUR FIRST PERIOD CLASS AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN PAY ATTENTION THE HELL MATEO" i said slapping him and grabbing my stuff i walked towards the door. i heard rumbles and melody and jay followed me. "whoa whoa calm down chica" mel said to me grabbing my arm "maybe he got lost for words because how gorgeous you looked" she smiled fixing my messy hair. "yeah or someone was having a conversation with him so he couldn't hear you" jay said touching my shoulder. i continued to walk towards the main entranced they was behind me while i was. HE CAN GIVE ME HICKIES AND SHIT BUT CANT REMEMBER MY NAME BULLSHIT. i heard someone running towards me and i figure it was mateo and it was. "wait ! wait ! i'm sorry, i should've asked you. i deserve that smack even tho it still stings" he said out of breath  " i don't care mateo, just leave me alone" i said still walking. "now ! now !" he screamed i looked around to see what was going on and mel disappeared out of nowhere. i heard her giggled and i was looking but i didn't see her. "jay go find her please we have to go to Tate house" hes eyes got big "ill tell you later" he ran off to find melody. "mateo speak fast because this is disappointing" i said my voice cracking. WHAT THE HELL I'M NOT NO SOFT BITCH WHAT IF HAPPENING.  "what happens was when you came in i was looking at you for a long time, i guess you didn't see me" he started to smile a little. "get to the point mateo" i said rushing him not trying to smile at his cuteness. "when you said your name i couldn't listen because of Tate she was in my hear and i had music in the other one so i couldn't really concentrate really. i'm sorry okay please forgive me" i looked at him while he was saying all this and i couldn't resist but i smiled at him and he smiled back. "i'm still upset even tho i'm smiling ass face" he shook hes head "ill do anything to make it up to you i promise" he said "ill think of the punishment later, now can i have my cousin back" i giggled he nodded and hand me my phone. HOW THE HELL. "i put my number in there so text me late ......" he said waiting for me "AURORA! but call me Rory" i said turning back into the school to find mel. He got me feeling some type of way.  Melody P.O.V  "now! now !" i heard mateo screamed by the last now i was in someones hands and carrying me off i giggled a little. i couldn't see cause they put something over my head. i know it was two people. they sat me down and i left myself up from the ground. they took whatever was on my head off. i looked and saw mateo brother and one of hes friends i'm guessing. "dudes what the hell" i said hitting them both. they both chuckled and i was heading towards the door. "cant let you leave yet" hes friend said "don't care move, i have stuff to do" i said saying flipping my hair. "oh so you bad huh" ayo interrupted us "oh you didn't know, maybe you couldn't tell cause you surrounded by all these fake bitches" i said turning back to hes friend "nigga she just threw hella shade at you" he said laughing. i rolled my eyes because i didn't care i know what i did. i heard a voice scream "melly" only person that calls me that is jay. even though i made at him because he was kind of with the set up but i screamed his name anyway. "JAY! JJ IN HERE!" i said banging on the door and wall. he heard it and he came in and hit ayo friend by accident. "what the fuck dude" ayo said approaching jay. "dude chill tf out, come on mel" i said started to walk with jay but ayoo wasn't finish. " you need to watch where you pushing doors" he said stepping closer. "if he was smart he wouldn't be in-front of the door" jay said back stepping closer to him also. Was i really watching this go down.  i looked at his friend for help because i cant stop to grown boy on my own. he stood and grabbed ayo, i took jay. "you guys it was an accident" i said trying to make them look at me. jay looked at me and he softened hes eyes. Good job, i always could calm down jay. his friend made ayo sit down and we started to walk out the door. "ay baby girl call me sometime" ayo screamed so i could hear it. i kind of blush and looked down, i mean he is attractive. i guess jay saw me and he got even madder. "SHE NOT GOING TO CALL A FUCKBOY LIKE YOU" he said getting mad again i pushed him out the door "YEAH BITCH YOU LUCKY SHE PUSHING YOU OUT CAUSE I WOULD'VE BEEN SMOKED YOU" ayo said. i slammed the door shut and we saw mateo and Rory. "what the hell?" Rory asked "ya don't wanna know" i said grabbing her arm. WE NEED TO GO. i started to speed walk towards the door with jay in my left hand and Rory in my right. we got outside. FINALLY. jay went home and we was on our way to Tate house and these two girl approached us with Slurpee in their hand. THE FUCK. we waited and so did they. we both was about to say something to the girls and they threw their slushies at us and ran. Rory started to run but i grabbed her. "we gotta go, we already late" i said "but" she started "no buts come on. before we started to walk we heard "its jade bitch!" and then they started to laugh. WHO THE HELL IS JADE.  Rory P.O.V  we were walking and and these bitches stopped by us. they stood and so did we. we wasn't backing down. me and melody was about to say something and something cold and iced hit both of us. it was red and melody was blue. i was about to run but mel stopped me. "were already late" i started but she cut me off. Shes right. we started to walked away and we both heard. "its jade bitch!" this bitch jade about to get her ass whooped.  ________________________________________________________________________  hola guys. I've been seeing that the votes and things went down. help me improve. message me, leave comments, etc. help me get better. but drama is going to start. ohhhhhhhh. also i'm going to start putting outfits and stuff in maybe it might help comment if u like it or message me. i don't know i'm think about it. thanks for the AWESOME feed back, please don't stop (pause)lol. that's for the support love y'all please keep reading. vote. follow. etc. and i''ll start writing the next chapter :)  yalil_lightskin <3 much love

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