The Diseased

Raybee, a teen girl of 16, has always lived with a mask over her mouth. Everybody does, in fear of becoming one of The Diseased, someone who becomes sick with The Disease. It starts out with a nonstop buzzing in their head. Then blood trickles from their noses. Then they get terrible headaches. And, finally, there is a pain in their head so unbearable, they scream in pain as they slowly die. The Disease comes unexpectedly, and the cause and prevention details are unknown. Feeble attempts to keep it away has helped Raybee, but for how long? And will she be able to find a cure in time to save her brother?


1. Prologue

Hey. I'm Raybee. I live in a strange, scary time. We call it The Diseased Era. We live in fear of becoming one of The Diseased. We all wear masks over our mouths and noses. We get what they call The Vaccination, although it never works. And we try to stay away from those we don't know.

We don't know the origin of The Disease, but we know what happens when we get it. 

I have experienced the effects of The Disease. It is scary, and death upon those who get it is unpreventable. 

No Cure has been found.

I have always dreamed of finding a Cure. I have always wanted to be the hero.

But I have never had the chance.

I now have a younger brother, sick with The Disease. He now lives in The Diseased Home, where those who are infected can slowly die in luxury. That way they can, hopefully, die happy.

But I am not going to let him die. 

will find a Cure.

I will risk my life, if I have to. I must find a Cure. I cannot imagine life without him.

So, I must go on a quest to find a Cure for The Disease.

No matter what it takes.

This is my story.

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