Comfortable Zone

What I dealing with this semester.


1. Intro

In a world that has 7.4 billion of people these people how can we feel all along in the world? I not a people person, but I used to be. While I was growing up, I used to get bully a lot. Over time I started shutting down, and putting up wall between me and others people. Even if I got a wall up, it still easy for to make some friends, but it easy for me to lost them to. Having classes with my friends is fun and helpful. This semester I don’t have any classes with none of my friends, so I ready know that this semester is going to be a nightmare. Now I have to get out of my comfortable zone, and make some new friend, make a new study groups, if I miss class one day, and make time to see my friends. I know it will take some time; however, if I take it step- by- step it will come together perfectly.

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