Promise? Yes!

Jeon Jungkook a 17 year old teen is new is his school Seoul high he just recently moved back from L.A he's lived there all of his life and never learned how to speak Korean that's when he meets Kim Taehyung.


1. Flying back home

Jungkook P.O.V

        Well I guess this is it I'm flying back to Korea after being here in L.A. for so many years. I can't believe mother is making me go and leave everyone behind like what's the whole point I may have been born in Korea but I was raised here in L.A and I highly doubt I will like it in Seoul and the best part is that I'll be a senior at Seoul high and guess what I won't know anyone just great. "Kookie it's time to go Jackson and Mark wanna say bye before we leave so hurry and get down here" mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could because I didn't want to leave Mark and Jackson without properly saying goodbye. Mark Jackson guys don't let them take me I wanna stay I said Jackson replied "dude just calm down you know we can't do anything I'm sorry kookie"  Mark just stood there and I could tell he was about to cry and that hurt me. Markiepooh don't cry please babe I pleaded "Mark looked at me and said I'm sorry kookie I can't help it i love you and I don't want you to leave" I said Mark baby please stay strong I'll come visit as much as I can and I'll stay in touch with you and the guys Ok but don't cry I said and kissed him he said fine but please call me once your flight touches down ok he asked and i said of course babe but Seoul and L.A have a 16 hour time difference so it might be late when I call you so how about I text you alright babe and don't stay up and wait for me ok? Well ok fine babe I won't I promise Mark said. "Kookie it's time to go mother yelled I gave Mark a quick peck on the lips and said i love you then ran to make it to the car.  As we arrived at the airport mother said we barely have time to get to the plane so hurry and so we ran through the airport and got on the plane. 

13 hours and 10 minutes later 

Kookie wake up i heard and mother shook me awake and I said are we here yet? She said yes kookie we are here. As we got out of the plane and got to the exit I noticed a teenager about my age holding a sign that said Kook family that must be us i thought and walked over to him and he immediately said "annyeonghaseyo hangug-e osin geos-eul hwan-yeonghabnida naneun gim Taehyung haeyo" I said annyeonghaseyo jungkook geuligo nan geulaeseo dangsin-i yeong-eoleulhasigi balabnida su-issneun hangug-eo manh-i malhal su eobsda and he replied "eojjeomyeon naneun hangug-eoleul galeu chil su dangsin-eun naega malhan geos-eul ihae anh-assda" so i said naega ihaehago dangsin-eun naega gamsa gim taehyung jal doel geos naleul hangug-eo baeul su issdolog dowa jusigi balabnida su and Kim Taehyung replied mullon naega dangsin-eul galeu chil geos-ibnidahajiman dangsin-eun dangsin-i aju yuchanghage malhal su issgi ttaemun-e dangsin-i hangug-eoleul moshaneun hwagsin geulae nae ileum ijanh-ahajiman tae tae ttoneun V jeoleul hochul hal su issseubnida and so i decided to try and speak english for once and I said yes I'm sure i can't speak much Korean that's about all I know Tae said well I can teach you if you want but i think we should get going did you mother tell you that she's living with my mom and that you're living with me? I replied she did not tell me that but i guess it's fine with me.

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