Dead War


3. The road to Berlin

We hook up a trailer to the Sherman and pack the ammo and everything into it and re stock our munition racks in the tanks then start to roll out to Berlin. WE come across an old petrol station and stop to fill up the petrol tank but couldn't get the pumps to work due to the power being out so we go around and try to find the generator. Upon getting to the back of the station we find the wreck of a British tank thats long and tall it reminds me of a land ship, the turret like a box but with an angled back thats flatened at the back with the 17 pounder in it. The sliding door on the side read out the name Burtha I walk along the length of the tank seeing its in near perfect condition till I round the aft end and see the left side. The hull and superstructure is torn open on an angle that goes through the tracks and out the side door. Climbing through what's left of the door and inside the massive land ship I see the charred remains of the crew in the turret and at every station, radio, driver everything. The smell of the burnt flesh hits me the farther back I travel. I reach the massive engine and the men at slumped over onto it but not as burnt as the others I hear a groaning coming from one of the men but not like the walking corpses groan more living and pain filled. The man is slumped back and his green trousers are stained a dark colour on his left leg and right arm where a large bit of metal sticks out of his leg and a gash on his arm.

"Are you ok lad."

He groans and I can hear a crunching as if that of charred wood moving I turn to see what's left of the driver walking towards me missing half his cheek and an eyelid I draw my pistol and hear it from the other side of the engine and firing a gun inside a tank would be irresponsible I pull a pipe rom the engine broken and warm still. The man lets out a long sigh telling me he's passed away so I crank the small pipe over my left shoulder and slam it into the drivers head caving it in and dropping him to the floor and then I focus on the other one pushing the broken end of the pipe through his head and into the engine. I stand and walk towards the hole I point my pistol still in hand and fire on the poor bugger torn up by the shrapnel and put a round in his head.

"I heard a shot Al, what happened?"

"I found a man and had to put him down."


Addi and I walk to the generator shed and start it up to fill the tanks. The Germans can see the pain in our faces and don't ask what happened. We top up and head off again.

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