Dead War


10. Saint Lorance River

​I look at my brothers in the rear view mirror and smile cause their sleeping peacefully against each other .



​"If I weren't driving I would totally kiss you."


​"Yeah I've had feelings for you for a while now but haven't the chance to say it."

​"Wow thought you didn't like me but I guess I should fess up to you about something."

​"What's that?"

​"I feel the same as you."

​I pause a moment looking at him and blush hard. He leans in and kisses my cheek with a smile on his face and laughs at how red I am.

​"Betty why is Jimmy laughing?"

​"don't know kiddo."

​Alex wakes Benjie up and they start to sing Christmas carols. They smile as they sing and have a grand old time with it I join in than Jimmy joins in next. We have a ball with it until I notice we need gasoline. before we continue on. We putt along until we find a gas station to fill up the tank. When I get out I grab the tire iron from the back seat in case someone to attack me. Jimmy pops out to pump the gas while I get snacks and drinks so I put the iron away. I pull open the door with the bell chiming my entrance like I'm a Queen. A older darker man come out of the back and asks if he can help me.

​"Yeah my husband and I are getting gas and a few other things for our trip with the kids."

​"Alright what things can I get you?"

​"Four bags of chips two coffees and two soda's please and thank you sir."

​"Alright for the gas the chips, soda and coffee that will be 4 dollars."

​I reach into my dads pocket and find twenty dollars in there and hand it to the man.

​"Wow for a young couple with kids you sure do have a lot of money here."

"Take five dollars sir."

​"Are you sure miss? Five is a lot to be giving someone."

​"I'm sure you deserve it for working so hard."

​"Thank you vary much miss that means my kids can get some new shoes."

​I smile and head out of the door when I see Jim in the drivers seat waving frantically at me and pale as the snow.

​"What happened? See a ghost?"

​"No but when you walked out an elderly woman came out of the back and bit his arm."

"You're joking right?"

"No look."

​I look through the fogged window and see him holding his arm as blood dripped from it and the woman lay on the floor flopping about like a fish. He looks at his arm quickly before his eyes roll back into his head and falls to the floor. Jimmy starts the car and speeds off.

​"Betty? Can Benjie and I have our drinks and snacks?"

"Sure can kiddo."

I hand the boys their chips and soda. They share like always and have a ball with it. Jim catches me looking at him.

"What are you looking at Bet?"

"The most handsome man I know."

​I can see a car pull up next us the man in the driver seat is near white and when he turns to look at us his left cheek is missing showing his teeth. He turns his truck towards us to ram the car but misses and ends up turning over the car and catching fire.

​"Jim did you see him?"

"Yeah I did Beautiful."

​"Keep driving and don't stop."

​"Already ahead of you Betty."

​We keep looking forward as the boys play with some of their cars in the back seat. I lean over and kiss Jim's cheek. I look forward and see a sign that reads 'Saint Laurence River crossing 2mi ahead.'


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