Dead War


20. Meeting the Soviets

Upon entering the mountain fort we begin to meet the group from one of the munitions carriers. Three of the five crew stood out to Will and I. Two young ladies and one shorter young man, trying to be friendly Will walks up with his arm out stretched as if to invite a hand shake.

​"I'm William nice to meet you."

​"We don't care who you westerners are we didn't even want you here."

​I coil back a little when hearing that but just as Will comes walking back Officer Romanov come from a room near by stopping the three of them dead in their tracks.

​"Слушайте сюда, вы трое пидоров, а наши гости ведут себя, иначе вы трое будете уволены!"

"Да, сэр."

​He takes a quick glance at us before walking back into the room. As soon as he closes the door they turn their heads to glare at us before heading down the long corridor.

"Well wasn't that rude of those three?" Will says looking at me.

"Aye that it was."

I usher him back to the rest of the group before Romanov came back to lead us to our rooms.

"The Iron Giant crew will have this room, Emily will be in this one, Betty in the third down the hall

and Lizzy over here for your group. Night will be here soon so I suggest getting ready for bed."

"Thank you sir." Hunter says to him and holds his hand to his head saluting him.

​"I like this boy."

​After everyone finally falls asleep I lay awake then I start to hear a guitar sing out through the bunker but I don't know from where. I climb out of bed and follow the music to a large room with a stage that has all lights off but those on the stage. Romanov is sitting on a chair mid stage playing the guitar his fingers look like a blur while he plays it then another person steps into the light with a mandolin playing the same tune then two more with different instruments all playing different parts that make up this one beautiful tune. just before I could do anything the others in my group and the other tank crews quietly join me in listening to them play. Once we get all seated he starts to clear his throat.

​"Расцветали яблони и груши, Поплыли туманы над рекой​."

​His voice was smooth like silk and deep like the seas. He sang with such passion that no one ever thought possible and it was calm like a summers breeze. Before I knew it they were coming to an end.

​"Пусть он землю бережет родную, А любовь Катюша сбережет."​

​Everyone listening stood up and clapped for them before the lights came on once they did he saw all of us standing there he smiled bright and bowed with the others towards us.

​"Thank you."

​He climbed off the stage and walked towards us smiling still.

"It has been years since I heard people cheer for me."

​"Hell sir that was great." Hunter smiles and shakes his hand.

​"I was a singer before this hellish war started I survived many tanks being shot out from under me and watched many men come and go with the war but I longed for the end when I could sing again. Thank you so much for bringing that feeling back."

​"Romanov it's our pleasure, that was beautiful." Addi chipped in.

"Thank you all again."

​I glance back at the stage and notice who the three others were and noticed the disgusted looks on their faces. I look back to Officer Romanov and pat him on the shoulder to tell him how well he did. The next morning we all grouped up in the galley for some breakfast. I notice that those three who were rude towards Will and I are sitting in their own little cluster over in the one hall. They seemed miserable and full of hate while they ate, every so often they would glance in my direction and give me a dirty look as if I had shot a puppy for Satan. I choose to ignore the looks and eat with my group of friends that I've made in the past hellish year and I'm glad I've become their friend and to have my niece and nephews here as well and away from whatever is going on in the USA. I never wanted them to have to hold or fire a gun in their lives but seeing that the dead have come back and are trying to rid the world of the living I guess its a must. 

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