Dead War


8. Christmas horrors pt.1

​December 24th, 1942.

New York, USA.

​Hi my name is Betty I'm 14 and this is my house. My mom, dad, and two brothers look how happy they are dancing and singing the night before Christmas. This song makes my mom and dad the happiest people ever they were married on Christmas it was my dads gift to mom after 5 years of them dating.

​"But baby its cold outside."

​They know the song word for word they smile and dance with each other making me smile and laugh while the tree burns bright with the coloured lights and the star atop it. My dad couldn't go to fight for us because of his back he can handle the jarring of tanks or carrying much. He smiles anyway when seeing my mom happy and laughing. My younger brothers are goofing around and playing with their toy cars. The song finishes and a radio report comes on my mom and dad hold each other then lay a kiss on the other softly.


​"The military has reported a German ship in the harbour this evening." The man drones on and I can see my dad worry "There aren't any men aboard the vessel or and munitions they say as a precaution bolt your doors and stay away from your windows."

My dad sharply turns to look at my mom and then the window were red and blue lights flash by and then a green military truck flies by. with some troops marching down the street. We live in a regular city house. They bolt the door and shutters turning off the lights and turning the radio down and standing close to it. I climb the stairs and look out my bedroom window and see the massive steel tower of her superstructure her lights burn bright in the night sky her guns facing up nobly as if proud of where they're from and that red white and black flag flapping in the wind waving to me as if an old friend saying hello. An explosion erupts from her thick deck and causes it to catch fire I was wowed by the sight the heat hit the flag and made it flap about like a spastic fly. the thud of it hits me like a drum beat.

​"Honey did you drop somethin' or fall?"

​"No dad that was the ship."

​I look back at the window just as another explosion burst from her superstructure toppling the mast with the flag into the water with a great splash. The fire is beautiful in the way it dances and lights up the night. The second thud hits me like a train knocking me back a bit I get up throwing open the window as more trucks and cars fly by the house. I look forward to see yachts and other vessels sailing out of the harbour I look back at the burning ship when the water to the left of it bubbles and bursts up with fire and smoke making the ship rock back and forth. Her side slips farther down in the water as she leans to the left and sinks. The deck starts to wash over with water when her guns suddenly turn and aim to the sky and fire flairs and smoke grenades into the sky falling all around the city. The smoke made the streets foggy as expected but it wasn't a regular fog it was thick and white as snow on the ground. 

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