Dead War


5. Battle of the Atlantic

​Hello nice to meet you, The names William Alexander I'm one of Albert's friends from school. When we enlisted in the military forces he went for the Army and I picked the Navy I'm the Captain of a British battleship and we're sailing through the north Atlantic (as you could probably see from the chapter name). But we have come across a group of German ships about 10 miles off the port bow (front left) and I don't think they've seen us yet but me and the other two captains think we should take them out just in case they are a threat.

"Bow turrets travers 40 degrees port."

"Aye captain."

"5 miles out load the guns and fire."

"Yes sir."

The two three gun turrets turn slowly towards the German ships and raise to the sky and fire the thud from the 16 inch guns rocks the ship and makes small waves in the water. I'm the only one who fires the main guns and the whole crew in the bridge smiles as one of the German ships burst into a ball of fire and slip under the waves. Half a minuet later 16 shells rain down on the three of us all being misses. I can hear the others firing their guns at the Germans and missing we sail closer to them to get better aim.

​"2 miles out aim all turrets and fire on those Nazi ships!"

​"You heard the Captain take aim and put shells on those bastards!"

​The turrets turn as quick as they can and start putting shells down range at a fairly accurate but keep missing until I watch one of our shells punch through the side armor and burn what ever is in its path. The young man next to me hands me the binoculars white as a ghost pointing and shaking.

​"That man's dead sir...."

​"Of course he is lad a 16 inch shell hit him."

​I raise them to my eyes and see him staring blankly at me wrinkled and weathered and clearly dead he slowly waves and starts to fire at us with a rifle. The rounds may not come close to us because of the distance but it still makes me flinch. The man and I look at each other and continue to have the men shell the hell out of the Germans. The second ship goes off like fireworks and the third is torpedoed by our smallest ship and sinks.

"Jesus Christ never again do I hope to see that again."

"What sir?"

"Nothing boyo its about dinner isn't it?"

​I pull the gold pocket watch from my pocket and check the time remembering my wife and two kids back home. My little boy George and Fran my little princess.

"Aye its dinner. Let the rest of the men know."

"Aye Captain."

The young boy about 16 announces that dinner is in order and to head to the galley. This is around the point of this chapter where I direct you to the next one going back you your regular gang good day and see you again. 

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