This story is about you and Justin Bieber being best friends since you was in preschool and when Justin was in 1st. When two guys grow up how do you guys stay friends ? After his big record deal?


1. Seeing Him Again..?

MARIYA'S P.O.V One day i was just on my phone on Instagram.I was sitting on the couch.When I came across a Justin Bieber fan page.I I started to read the fan page when i saw one post that. Put a smile on my face.It said that"Justin Bieber is coming back to Canada for a concert and to see his family can't wait." But for some reason my smile went away when I notice he never even talked to me after his record deal with Def jam recordings. So I sat in silence after that and when I did that. A tear trickle down the side of my face. JUSTIN'S P.O.V I was on my phone watching my beliebers started to post things saying "Justin is coming back","Justin I love you I can't wait to see you perform back in Canada", and "Justin I hope I get to meet you in person your my idol". I stop to look at the clock on the wall it was 5:30. So I went to my room in the hotel took my guitar and started to sing the new song I am working on. And while I was writing lyrics down. I had something else in mind I was thinking how my family was doing. But mostly i wanted to finish this song. Author hear guys just letting you know that i might not post daily but i will post cause I have school. love you beliebers fan and fans(P.S I'm sorry I made it short i will make it longer promise.)
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