My Heart For Yours

"His name is Stephen Green." Alissa gushed excitedly to me, her cheeks were bright red and her smile was as contagious as a cold. I smiled nodding, I'd never met her boyfriend before and now she was telling me how he was moving to our school.

~Kaelin Morgans was a Sophomore at Gateland High. She had never experienced the feeling of having a significant other or partner. She enjoyed being alone with her friend Alissa, dating had never struck her as something she'd want to be in.


3. Wait.. We're Neighbors?

He waved at me and I nodded smiling awkwardly as I stepped back into my house stumbling just a bit. I stumbled and it seemed as though I was about to fall, in a swift motion he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. My head hit his chest and I could feel the warmth of my cheeks begin to grow. Contact. He's touching me. What's happening. How? Why?

I watched as he let go of me quickly keeping a hand on my shoulder as if to keep me balanced and from falling. I smiled a bit and pulled away turning around and then walking inside the comforts of my home. Glad that's over. I should watch him leave after I close my door.

I closed my door and then hopped over to my kitchen window and looked out of it watching as he began to whistle and walk to the house next door. I kept my gaze on him before he escaped into his house. 

"HE LIVES NEXT DOOR!?" I practically screamed. I gasped covering my mouth and then looked around, no one was home. It was expected. My heart and head were pounding as I dropped my bag next to the stairs and walked up to my room. Please don't have the room by my window. Please don't have the room by my window. I repeated in my head over and over, but like most things that I wish for, it went the opposite way. I could see him on his bed laying down as he was on his phone. Great. What if I see him change? Do I tell Alyssa? I'll just have my window closed at all times. That won't work. Ugh. Fuck me!

I hadn't realized I said 'Fuck me' aloud until I heard a deep chuckle. "At least tell that to a single man." His smirk could be heard. HEARD! I turned my head slowly and revealed my glowing red face. I saw amusement and something else flash briefly through his eyes and I quickly closed my blinds falling back onto my bed as i screamed into a pillow.

After I had calmed down I got up and glanced through the blinds, he wasn't there. I heard a beep, my phone? I grabbed my phone from my pocket and looked at it, a text from a new number. I unlocked my phone and checked the message reading it over. 'Hey neighbor.' It read. I tilted my head. 'Who is this??'  I waited and laid down on my bed. I'm too tired right now. In minutes I was asleep.  

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