The night


3. welcome.

He reached for my arm, the coldness shocked me. A wave of fear washed out my human features. I was blank, a plain piece of paper. My smile straightened my lips were coloured in blue. I fell silent everything turned silent. "Wh- wh- t" the sound from my voice would not come out I attempted a feeble cough. Nothing. I was in prisoned unable to speak. He glanced at me, like he did when we first met at the funeral. Now we were in a foggy cloud. I could not feel it or smell anything. We seemed to be walking for hours I had fell asleep when I woke dazed by the new found light. Freaked, I seemed to be floating. Lead stiff and stuck (again) death glanced at me (again). "Morning, rise and shine" he chuckled to himself.

I replied angrily "I would but I'm stuck to a floating cloud"

"true" he pushed his two fingers through the spicy air and my floating cloud zoomed of in front. There was many other people floating in stacks like a giant car park. Other death like figures hustled about.

"Death what will happen to me?" I asked fearfully glaring at the others. "You will become a ghost, walk the land and help the living."

"But how will I help them?"

"Well aren't you interested. You will just be able to give then ideas." He said looking unsure

"I don't get it" I commented back giving a mirrored look to deaths

"I don't know how it works I'm a death. That's my job, and that doesn't include talking to you" he strutted off to a room labelled 'office' his eyes wandering back at me every step. The car park was built in a white room. No doors, or tea stains. Pure white I couldn't tell you how far it went back for all we all knew it was never ending. For all we knew life was never ending...

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