Not a secret

"Hey Maria are you Okay?" Zayn asked the small girl sitting on the bed. "Why Zayn?" She looks up at him with tears rolling down her cheeks. He looked at her with soft eyes. "It's not your fault babygirl. You'll be okay." He walked over to her as he held her close. Little did they know that everything was changing for them.. Maybe for the best or maybe the worst.


3. Guess who I found?

    Maria was asleep on the bed that the workers wife bought her on short notice. The wife wanted a kid so this was a great opportunity for him to make the wife happy. Maria wasn't a newborn but she wasn't that old yet. Just 6 years they got to miss out on raising her. But that didn't matter at this point. They still had a kid and that's what really all that mattered to them. The wife stood in the door way watching her husband, while he was staring at Maria on the bed. He felt so bad for the little girl. It broke his heart to see her lose everything. 
    "Hunny why don't you come back to bed? I'm sure she'll be fine till the morning." The husband shook his head. "I can't leave her. She's so hopeless and I can't help her any." A sign fell from her mouth before leaving to the bedroom. He grunted some while watching the girl. Maria woke up slowly from her slumber. She looked up at him with sad eyes. "Are you okay?" He nodded slowly to her as he brushed her hair back away from her face with a faint smile. "Yes I am fine don't worry about it. How are you?" 
    Maria smiles some at him then rubs her eyes. "I'm fine. I'm just worried about you. You need to go to bed." The worker shook his head. He picked her up and carries her to his bed. "Why don't you sleep with us tonight?" The girl just nodded while cuddling into his larger body while she closed her eyes falling back asleep on him. The wife smiles at him when she seen him come into the room. "Really? I'm guessing you can't really be with out her." She smiles at him while he chuckles softly. "You know I can't even."
    The girl laid down as the worker laid down beside her holding Maria in his arms. He watched her sleep before falling asleep next to her. It felt nice having the small girl in his arms. He has been waiting for the right moment to get a daughter. The wife stares at them. She thought it was cute that Maria was already warming up to her husband. Even if they just met today. It could of been since that she lost her dad and missed him. It seemed very sad to her to see everything fall apart in her world.
    The next day the husband took Maria downstairs to the kitchen. "Um sir I don't even know your name." The worker blushed looking down. "I'm sorry. I'm John." Maria nods soft,y at him while holding onto him. He sat her down on the counter before cooking some eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, and sausage. It took him a while before he finished making a plate for all three of them. The wife came downstairs with a soft smile. "Good morning love. I'm Sara. I'm John's wife." She told Maria. She smiled at the woman while she yawned very loudly. John sat down the plates on the table while he picked Maria up placing her in the chair next to her. 
    Sara sat down next to Maria before getting up and fixing them something to drink. John gave each other dirty looks before sitting down on a seat watching Maria. He sat across from her as she smiled softly. Sara came back sitting down giving everyone their drinks. She smiles softly at John before drinking her drink. Maria started eating her food while she stared at the two grown ups. He smiles at Maria before they all start eating their food. It was quiet for a while. The only thing you could hear is the sound of forks clinging against the plates and quiet sips from the drinks. 
                        10 years later. 
    Maria was on laying on her bed listening to her music. A lot has changed since her parents have died. She heard her phone Bing then looks down at it. "Hey! Are you busy tonight? Want you to come over." It was her boyfriend that has nothing better to do besides bother her. "Sure. Be over their in a little bit." Maria got up and ran downstairs. "Daddy! I'm going over to my boyfriends house." John laughed quietly reading the newspaper. "Alright baby be back by 7 for dinner." She nodded quickly before running out of the house to her boyfriends. She knocked on his door loudly as she smiles softly. He answered the door as he tackled her into a huge hug. "Babe I missed you!" Maria just laughs and rolls her eyes. "I love you to Christian." She just cuddles into his chest as he carries her into his house and onto the large couch.
    "What are you going to watch?" Maria asked Christian, pecking his cheek every once in a while. "Mhmm I haven't decided what I wanted to watch yet. Maybe we could watch the X Factor?" She nods softly at him as she turns on the tv. She went to the recorded episodes looking through the it. She debated before turning first episode before putting down the remote. Christian held her close to his body while watching. They all seemed to be pleased with the first couple of people that came on to the stage. All of a sudden you hear, "Harry Styles."
    Maria froze up when she seen him. She listened then sat up. She listened to the whole thing before getting up and running to the door. "I got to go home." Christian nodded soft as he seen her run out of the house and all the way down the street. Maria ran through the door crying as she ran to her dad. "What's wrong? What did your boyfriend do?" John asked her daughter with a frown. Maria shook her head violently. "No it's not him. Dad I found my brother and he's on the XFactor." Then she seen her dad change his expression. 

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