It is a poem about being afraid and about the world seeing what is normal and what is not.
``Because our abilities don't fit in the outside world, we live in places like this, where no one can find us´´


1. Elements

Are you afraid?
Afraid to be betrayed?
Are you afraid of me and my abilities?
Are you afraid of the unnatural?
I’m afraid of being betrayed.
Being betrayed by you…


Are you happy that I’m gone?
But be sure that I will long,
Long for you and your mind.
I never wanted to betray you
But never thought you played
Played with my heart…


This is my goodbye
Yesterday was the last lie
Now I will tell the truth,
My abilities will no longer be lost
The truth is in the elements,
 Water, Fire, Air and Earth
This is me…


The Water fills me,
Fills me with calmness.
It made me feel free
It made me feel power
I would destroy a contry
But afraid to be locked away…


The Fire trills me,
Trills me to the bones.
It made me feel passion
It made me feel power.
I would destroy a city
But afraid to be locked away…


The Air bewings me,
Bewings me with wings
It made me feel light
It made me feel power.
I would destroy the sky
But afraid to be locked away…


The Earth grounds me,
Grounds me to the truth.
It made me feel helpless
It made me feel lost.
I would destroy reality
But afraid to be locked away…


But I’m allreally locked away in my own world
I’m no longer hiding from you, but reality.
I don’t want to see the truth, where I don’t have a place.
I don’t want to be like you, I can’t be like you.
I’m hiding from the truth, hiding from the world.
I’m hiding from the lies I told you about myself.


Goodbye dear you,
Be sure to forget the truth I told
Be sure to forget my abilities
Goodbye dear you,
Are you still afraid,
When I was the one betrayed?

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