Coming Home

My name is Luna Marie Lovegood. I am 16 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. Well, lived, I moved to California with my dad when I was 7. It wasn't really a big deal, except I left someone behind. My best friend Ashton Irwin. Now that I'm coming back to Austrailia, is he going to hate me? You'll have to read to find out...


3. Chapter 2

Luna's POV

"Hello, this is your captain speaking. We have just landed in Sydney, Australia..." the pilot begins to say as I grab my bags and get off of the plane. When I get out of the gate and to the lobby of the airport I see my mom and my sister, Miranda, holding a big sign that says "WELCOME HOME LUNA"

I drop my bags and run to them. "I missed you guys so much!" I shout as they both hug me. "Haha, we missed you too sis." Miranda says as she grabs my bags. "Honey, look at you. You've grown so much!" My mum cooed. "Mum, stop. You're embarrassing me!" She laughs. "That's my job."

I follow my sister and my mother to the car and get in and strap my seatbelt. "I've missed having you home." Miranda says as she sits next to me in the back. "I missed being home." I giggle. "We're having a party for you tonight." Miranda blurted out. "What?" I say, probably looking confused.

"Yes, dear. We're having a party. We invited some of Miranda's friends and some of our neighbors." My mum speaks up. "Is.. is Ashton coming...?" I ask shakily. My mum sighs. "Yes honey, he's coming. No one knows this is a coming home party for you." She says with a sad tone.

"So basically the only reason he's coming is because he doesn't know that I'm going to be there." I ask. "I suppose so. He's bringing some of his friends also." My mum replies. "Mum, can I ask you a question?" "Yes, Luna. What is it?" She says. "Does Ashton even remember me?" I blurt. "Honey... maybe you should talk to him."

"If he doesn't want to talk to me and just brushes me off his shoulder then I don't want a thing to do with him!" I shout as a few tears roll down my face. I lean my head against the window. "I'm sorry honey, but at least try to talk to him." I sigh heavily as the rest of the car ride is silent.

*time skip*

We're at my house now. I'm unpacking all my stuff when I hear a knock on my door. "People are starting to show up. Do you want to come downstairs?" My mum asks as she opens the door. "Yeah I'll come down. Just let me finish unpacking this box." I tell her. "Okay, take your time." She says as she shuts the door and goes back downstairs.

I take out whatever is left in the box and out it away. I sigh and make sure what I'm wearing looks okay. My baby blue denim shorts and a Blink-182 crop top. I fix up my makeup and put my hair into a messy bun. I sigh before opening my door and walk downstairs.

When I step into the living room everyone stops what they're doing and look at me. "Hi." I mumble shyly and wave my hand. Everyone runs up to me and start to hug me and ask me how I've been. After everyone says hello and also let out a few tears I go to the kitchen to get a drink.

I fill my cup then turn around to grab a sharpie when I bump into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry." I mumble as I back up and look at the person I bumped into. Ashton. "Umm... A-Ashton h-hi..." I stutter. He shakes his head and walks behind me to grab a drink. I'm furious. "Ashton... I'm sorry..."

He didn't say anything. "Fine! If that's how you're going to be! I trusted you! I'm sorry that I left! I didn't want to but I had to! If this is how you're going to act I don't want anything to do with you! God, I can't believe I actually missed you all those years I was gone!" I shouted as I ran upstairs and into my room.

I threw myself onto my bed and started to sob loudly. Why did I think he would ever even care?

Ashton's POV

I walk into the kitchen to get a drink when someone accidentally bumps into me. "Oh, I'm sorry." they say as they back away. Luna. "Umm... A-Ashton h-hi..." she stutters. I just shake my head and walk behind her to grab a drink. "Ashton... I'm sorry..." She says, almost in a whisper, but I don't reply.

"Fine! If that's how you're going to be! I trusted you! I'm sorry that I left! I didn't want to but I had to! If this is how you're going to act I don't want anything to do with you! God, I can't believe I actually missed you all those years I was gone!" She shouts, sounding hurt. I turn around to see she's gone.

I start to quietly sob when her mum walks into the room. "Ashton, what's the matter?" She asks concerned. "L-Luna..." I sob. "Ashton, tell me what happened." She whispered. "S-she t-tried to a-apologize and..." "Ashton, you need to go talk to her." She sighed. "Why? She hates me..."

"No she doesn't. She asked about you all the time after she left. She said that she could never stop thinking about you. I told her about your band, she said some of your songs are on her playlist and that it helped her sleep better. After she left she never got decent sleep. She wasn't the same after she left. She was heartbroken."

"And now she needs you. She didn't want to go and was kicking and screaming and telling us to take her back to you the entire way to the airport. Right now, she may say she doesn't want anything to do with you, but that's not true. She needs you now more than ever Ashton." Her mum says as tears roll down her cheeks and mine.

"Thank you Ms. Lovegood... I'll go talk to her." I whisper as I leave the kitchen and walk up the stairs. I'm standing in front of her door. I knock on it when I hear her sob. "C-come in..." She stutters.

Luna's POV

I continue to sob when I hear someone knock on my door. "C-come in..." I stutter. The door opens and the bed sinks as someone sits next to me. "Luna..." I look up and see a puffy eyed Ashton. "What do you want?" I shout. "I... I came to say sorry. I don't know what I was thinking." He whispered.

"Your mum told me that you never stopped asking about me. That you yelled at them to bring you back to me on the way to the airport. I guess I just always thought that you never cared. But I know now that you did and I was a total jerk. Can you please forgive me..." He cried. I didn't say anything which made him cry even harder.

He hung his head as he looked down at his feet. I grabbed his face and made him look at me. "Ashton I'm sorry..." I whispered as I pulled him into a massive hug. "Luna.." "Yes, Ashton?" I whispered. "I'm really tired from all the crying... can we sleep?" "Yes, Ashton we can." I giggled.

"God I missed your laugh." he smiles. I lay down as he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close to him as if he's going to lose me again. "I'm never letting you go again." He mumbles as he buries his face in the crook of my neck.

A/N: Okay I'm gonna post two chapters because I've been gone. School was just really stressing me out and yeah. Dude, the emotion XD Love you guys!


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