Three Flowers in a Garden

***Based on True Events***

America, Athena and Blythe have been friends for years. As their journey in life progresses, they are faced with obstacles that will be the ultimate test of their friendship.

Seventeen-year-old America Gil has one goal in mind before starting college: to lose her virginity. At the heels of high school graduation and summer about to start, she decides to date Luis. Blinded by her caprice, America is unable to see the signs. When she and Luis are faced with an unforeseen revelation, America soon finds out that not everything is as it seems.

Growing up without a father has been difficult for Athena Gil. When she was ten years old, she was forced to leave everything she had known behind to meet her dad. Athena loathed him ever since. Even though they have lived together for many years since then, the hatred has not been banished. She wants answers. She wants to know why it took him eight years for them to become a family again. But when her father begins to confide in her his deepest secrets, she uncovers the story of a man she had no idea she has been living with.

After her boyfriend of three years breaks up with her, Blythe Wright finds herself lost. Willing to do anything to forget him, she goes out on a date with a stranger. After the one-night stand, Blythe swears never to do such thing again and goes on with her life, not realizing that the stranger has left her with something she never wanted.


1. 00. Foreword

***This book is based on true events. Names and dates have been changed to protect the lives of the innocent***


To all the writers who have inspired me to write and to my sister, who gave me the tools necessary to become a writer,

Thank you.


I have always wanted to tell our story, to encourage women of every age to follow that little voice inside them. That voice that cautions us, inspires us and gives us the bravery to stand up to prejudice.

We all make mistakes.

Nobody is perfect.

And no one, except God, should have the right to judge our actions.

Countless women have, or are going through what these three characters have experienced. I just hope after you read this, you are able to forgive yourselves.

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