The Hatchmen

Eight years has passed by since Albina Ratownik has escaped from the Underground Hospital Prison of Dr. Smok. No one knows what happened to him but Albina is sure that he is dead because she saw his death before her very eyes. She has been adopted by a doctor who is a good man and she is survived her depression and PTSD. Now Albina is a police officer who hunts criminals but one day, everything goes downhill.

Four teenagers escape a train wreck but this train wreck was suspicious and abnormal. When the train crashed, no bodies were found and the four teenagers claim that two of their siblings and the rest of the passengers have been kidnapped by terrorists. They also mention someone by the name of Dr. Smok. Is Dr. Smok really alive out there, with terrorists, trying to cause more harm to people? Or are these teenagers lying and are they part of a conspiracy?

It's up to Albina to decide.


17. Return

Albina Ratownik was strapped onto a creaky, rotting table with brown, leather straps; she tried to writhe her way out but the straps were too strong. The room was small and white, the tiles on the floor were white, and the door was white as well. She had no idea where she was because she was carried to this room bridal style while being blindfolded. She didn’t kill Miyu because he was right, she couldn’t do it and she didn’t want to commit such an immoral act; it is morally wrong to kill anyone, even a criminal. She regretted even thinking about it. She dropped the gun and he immediately lunged upon her while silencing her and blindfolding her in a minute.

                 Suddenly, the door opened and two people stepped out – Dr. Smok and Jiling Miyu! Dr. Smok looked different than the last time she saw him: his hair and sideburns were now completely gray instead of red with graying tips; he now had glasses which were small and rectangular; his skin was pale as snow and tinged with wrinkles. He looked to be in his early fifties. Just like last time they met, he was scribbling on his clipboard and he still had his abnormally long, large canines that looked similar to vampire teeth. Albina knew very well that those fangs were really fake teeth that were used to disfigure someone’s skin and insert poison at the same time.  Just the sight of him sent an invisible electric jolt run from her spine to her brain.

            She remembered the memories she had shared with him but they were not good ones. Her mind flashed back to the events from eight years ago.

            Each of her wrists were handcuffed to each metal pole; each pole was one fathom away from her and each one was parallel to the other. Both metal poles had screws into them probably to keep the handcuffs from sliding downwards; this made it impossible for the girl to kneel down. She was standing in a “T” position. The room was painted grass green, there was a dim lit light bulb in the ceiling and there were machines, monitors, carts and trays all over the room. The floor was made of black and white tiles just like in the reception room except that they were in a zigzag pattern. A giant device that looked like a gigantic version of an Air Wick air freshener hummed as it blew oxygen into this cold room. There were also cabinets, a dirty, stained bed, and a room that said “restroom”. Albina was restrained between the two poles for what seemed like an hour. Her arms were exhausted, her bending knees were sore, and her tightly-cuffed, magenta red, wrists ached so much, she thought they were going to bleed out.  She was cold and trembling from the air conditioner that blew in this room…

            … Bang! The metal glass doors swung open and hit the walls; a silver metal chain flung against one of the doors and a rusty lock slid towards Albina’s feet. From the doorway emerged a tall, broad-shouldered man who looked like he was in his early forties; his hair and sideburns were graying, he had high cheekbones and thin lips. He was wearing a white doctor’s suit but alas, it was stained with yellow pus and dried blood; it gave a retorting smell from the distance. As the man was walking closer, Albina could see his name written in permanent marker on his breast pocket – Dr. D. Smok. Why wasn’t Smok wearing a name tag like all doctors do? To his side he was holding a clipboard along with a pen. Dr. D. Smok quickly whipped out his clipboard and his eyes slid down to it; he was walking faster and closer…

            …“Listen, I have had enough. Do you have any idea what I have been going through life? I have through so much emotional and verbal attacks; sometimes physical attacks at school and I have enough. I am extremely exhausted right now because of what I have been through one night: I have been yelled at by my father, drugged by my sister and thrown down a rocky hill. I also have been chased by maniacs, nearly died from falling off a tree, been beaten up and stood for a freaking hour between those two poles! Leave me alone! What more hardships does the world want me to suffer?”

Smok kneeled down on one leg and lifted her chin with one finger so that she couldn’t break eye contact. Those piercing green eyes were so observing that they seemed to stare into her soul.

“Do you really think…..that I give a damn?” he asked cynically. He then gave a sinister smile showing pale yellow teeth; all of his teeth were straight except for two colossal, crooked canine teeth; his teeth looked so sharp that Albina was afraid that this man was going to bite her scared face off. Of course, that wicked smile was a perfect companion to those frightening, serpent eyes.  The girl’s heart was beating non-stop not because she thought that he was one of those attractive Hollywood villains but because she had no idea what he was going to do to her…

            …“Life is terrible, isn’t it?” Smok questioned in a sweet tone but with a faint trace of poison. “This is what happens to those who disrespect me”.  He licked his lips and his canine teeth as if adding venom to them; suddenly, instead of his teeth reaching to her face, two of his fingers reached for it and pulled it out in half a minute. The top of the tooth was a tiny glass container that held a clear liquid and Albina swore that she saw something shiny at the bottom tip of the tooth…

            He took pleasure in hurting her face with his fang and when he finished, her face was left with a permanent scar. Later on her face lost its color and so did her once violet eyes, she was supposed to die from the disease that Dr. Smok had inserted into her while her some of her organs stayed healthy so that the Doctor could make use of them. Dr. Schwartz , who at the time was not yet her adopted father, had cured her of the disease but her pale skin, grey eyes, and scar had remained.

            Her new fear of hospitals, doctors, and hospital equipment had sprung but partially faded due to the kind character of Dr. Schwartz. Though part of that fear is gone, it had never really gone away. Her emotionally abusive family was put in jail and Dr. Smok was on the run but within three years she forgave them all. Despite her forgiveness, she was still afraid that Dr. Schwartz might abandon and betray as her family did and that his love for her might one day vanish. She did not trust him at first but her trust gradually grew, she loved him as a father but she still did not trust him completely. In fact, she did not trust anyone anymore because of her messed up life before and during Dr. Smok.

            “I remember you,” she said to him as he stepped forward to her.

            “Well, we meet again Albina Ratownik,” he greeted with a smirk “you have grown so much! You looked so much more different than the last time I saw you eight years ago.”

            “And have you,” she replied impassively.

            “You know, when I have gotten to know you,” he said “I have realized how much we have in common: we both had an emotionally abusive parents, siblings who bullied us and were mommy and daddy’s favorites, fake friends, good grades, and talents that caused envy from our peers. Our lives were depressing, you must admit.”

            “I know,” she said without changing her expressionless face “my past haunted me into depression. You were one of the causes of my depression you know that?”

            “Good!” he responded gleefully as he circled her “It gives me great pleasure to see people in emotional and physical pain. Tell me about your pain, I am eager to hear it.”

            I refuse to tell him the details, this is the only way I can fight and resist him while I am still strapped to this table. I won’t give him any pleasure. she thought her herself.

            “Well go on,” he commanded “tell me!”

            “I don’t wanna talk about it.” she refused him.

            “Tell me!”


            “You want a new scar?”

            “PLEASE NO!”

            “Tell me then!” he ordered.

            “All I can tell you is that it all hurt me so much that I felt so worthless and I lost the desire to live,” she told him “a year after someone adopted me, I had suicidal thoughts and I attempted suicide but my new friend who was one of your former captives, Rinko, and my adoptive father helped me out of it. I forgave those who hurt me which helped me somewhat and I still pray for them. My demons still haunt me but my depression is gone now.”

            “That’s all you have to say?” he asked disappointed.

            “Yup.” she answered.

            He then slapped her hard across the face and smiled. He finally got the satisfaction that he wanted.

            “I never forgave those who hurt me!” he exclaimed “They didn’t deserve it! All of humanity is rotten which is why I am planning to create a new world but through fire and violence. Of course, I will let the humans live but I shall reform them the hard, agonizing way.”

            “And you don’t consider yourself a human?” she asked him. “You’re a human too! You are inclined to make mistakes because you are human; we all are humans, we all make mistakes but we have to forgive each other to live through our lives. We must forgive others even if they are not truly sorry and whatever hurt we had inflicted upon others; we must apologize and try our best to never make the same mistake again. I forgave you even though you are probably not truly sorry for what you have done to me. If we hold grudges, we will always live our lives in pain. Also, just because someone had inflicted hurt upon you that doesn’t mean you can avenge yourself by taking it out on others or anyone. ”

            The Doctor froze and stared at her as if she had greatly insulted him. He slapped her across the face again, not wanting this message reach his ears. 

            “I am no longer a human but a future god of the new world that I am about to transform into my own image and ideas.” he corrected.

            “Don’t speak such heresies!” she reproved “You are acting delusional; you are but another creature of God. Nothing is greater than him. Listen to yourself because what you are speaking is against the first commandment.”

            “Ugh!” groaned Jiling Miyu as he put his hands to his ears “Another religious whack!”

            “Anyway,” continued Dr. Smok  as he started circling around the table again “I will soon send a wave of my armies all over the world to restrain and control you all humans. My Hatchmen and gangs are not just in the United States but all over the world and they are all under my command. Without me, they have no one to obey!”

            “I admit that is terrifying!” commented Albina. “Now why did you want me here?”         

            “I just wanted to see you one last time before me and Jiling Miyu dispose of you,” he explained “as a punishment for releasing my patients a couple years ago and setting me up on the “Manhunt list”, I will let Miyu do his business to you. Don’t worry, I will take part in it too but only a minor part which is the part where he emotionally tortures you while I physically torture you.”

            The handsome Asian man had quickly stepped forward and unwrapped his first red tie around the hand. His eyes were hungry and he licked his lips as if he was going to eat a delicious meal. The Doctor took out both of his fangs and held them in his hand. He put down his clipboard and pencil on the floor and stopped circling around Albina. They both were standing opposite each other and looking zealously at Albina.

            Father forgive them for what they are about to do she prayed silently in her head also forgive me for my past sins because if I had the chance to go to confession right now I would. Forgive those who hurt me now, in the future, and in the past.

             “Any final words?” he asked her.

            Out of the blue, Chief Kovalenko, Albina’s fellow police officers, and the five cousins burst into the room. Dr. Smok and Miyu jumped and stared back at them in shock. Albina felt a great wave of relief upon her and surprise as well; she had not expected them to come after her.

            “How did you all find me?” asked Albina.   

            “Your phone has a GPS Tracker that we all officers share remember?” Chief Kovalenko reminded her “I tracked you down here.”

            “Oh shi – “ muttered Miyu.

            “Get them and release Albina!” ordered Kovalenko.

            So the police officers chased after Jiling Miyu and Dr. Smok; the two of them saw a window behind Smok so they ran and jumped through it one at a time. Krrrshhh! The window smashed into smithereens and left an irregular shaped polygon on the broken window. All of the officers rushed to the window and looked down – the window was only one story high! They saw the doctor and the man in the tuxedo running off into the distance so most of them left the hospital and pursued them. 

            They all quickly dashed out of the abandoned building and with Officer Singh in the lead, they hunted the two men. Chief Kovalenko and the cousins had stayed behind for Officer Ratownik. The men ran into the forests with the police tens of meters behind them.

            When the police officers had reached the woods, they all had split up into duos and carefully looked around for them. Their heartbeats beat quickly and their adrenaline had pumped. They were prepared for the two offenders coming through the woods and held up their guns and nightsticks. Ten…twenty…thirty…minutes, one hour, one and a half hour had passed but they had not found the doctor or the fancy man in the forest. They searched beyond the forest and into some suburbs but after twenty four hours and three helicopters later they had finally given up.            

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