The Hatchmen

Eight years has passed by since Albina Ratownik has escaped from the Underground Hospital Prison of Dr. Smok. No one knows what happened to him but Albina is sure that he is dead because she saw his death before her very eyes. She has been adopted by a doctor who is a good man and she is survived her depression and PTSD. Now Albina is a police officer who hunts criminals but one day, everything goes downhill.

Four teenagers escape a train wreck but this train wreck was suspicious and abnormal. When the train crashed, no bodies were found and the four teenagers claim that two of their siblings and the rest of the passengers have been kidnapped by terrorists. They also mention someone by the name of Dr. Smok. Is Dr. Smok really alive out there, with terrorists, trying to cause more harm to people? Or are these teenagers lying and are they part of a conspiracy?

It's up to Albina to decide.


12. Hoodwinked

The Mayor of course was in shock and in fear. All this chaos did go on all the news stations; however, the police did not yet release the names of the suspects. Kovalenko was waiting patiently for the right moment to release their names. He was of course setting up a trap for them and planning to throw them into prison.

            The four cousins all sat in their cell. Filipina was red in the face and displayed anger although she did not admit it.

            “What’s wrong?” asked Cecylja.

            “Nothing,” she denied.

            “Tell me,” Cecylja probed “it’s clear that you are mad about something.”

            “Come on, Filipina,” insisted Jacek.

            Filipina’s face got redder and redder as her cousins pestered her into admitting. She finally burst.

            “I don’t know who is worse!” she shouted “Those dastardly terrorists or that freaking Kovalenko! The dastards kidnapped Lilka and Brunon and my parents are blaming me for it. Kovalenko…has…NO HUMANITY IN HIM! NOT ONE BIT!”

            At that sentence she kicked the wall of the cell and made a dent. She was huffing heavily and her face got even redder.

            “I know that guy was a bomber but Kovalenko can’t just beat him up like that, he would have killed him. I stood up to him and he slapped me and whacked my head off but when other police officers stood up to him he just said “Don’t do it again”. He is so unfair!”

            “Yeah I know,” agreed Jacek “That guy is such a  (bleep)! How can you beat up someone like that?”

            “I have a feeling that he just hates our guts,” responded Antoni.

            “But why then?” Filipina continued fuming as she angrily paced around the room “Why does he even treat us any different from any other suspects if he hates us?”

            “I have a feeling he is not treating us any different from any other suspects or criminals,” inferred Cecylja “you saw how he treated that bomber and you remember how he almost hit you in the head and how he threatens to release our names to the media.”

            “Oh really?” argued Filipina as she crossed her arms “then why did he treat that Hispanic assassin differently?”

            “Remember when I had him tied up?” Jacek reminded her.

            Filipina looked at him crossly and then at the ceiling. She thought for a minute with a confused face. Then she bowed her head and exhaled a deep breath.

            “I see your point there,” she said.

            “I wonder if the other police officers are as kind as Officer Ratownik but they are afraid of Kovalenko – “ wondered Antoni.

            “We’re not as soft as that vixen” interrupted a familiar voice.

            That voice scared them all like a ghost popping out of a wall. The four of them all looked to see where the source of the voice was coming from; they all turned their heads to the overweight sergeant that was sitting at his desk. He was holding a smart phone with one hand and had a handful of orange chips in his other hand. There was a large green bag of chips on his lap. Filipina was disgusted at the loud munching sounds coming from his mouth. 

            “Kovalenko is a great man and a better cop than anyone in here. Y’all are suspects so y’all shouldn’t even be talking such nonsense” he said as he pointed a slightly orange, chip dust coated finger at them.

            Such perfect manners thought Filipina sarcastically.

            “What nonsense?” mumbled Jacek under his breath “We are just telling the truth.”

            Somehow this amused Antoni, he almost laughed but he didn’t; instead, he held up a huge grin. The cop puffed, he put down his phone, and threw his chip bag on his desk. The orange chip spilled out of the bag, across the desk and many landed onto the floor. He jumped up from his seat and speed-walked towards them. He grabbed the bars and looked at them with a menacing face.

            “You lil’ twerps” he sneered at both Jacek and Antoni “you listen to me – “

            “Bruh!” retorted Antoni as he fanned away an invisible smell with his hands “You ever thought about brushing your teeth? Your breath stinks!”

            The police officer was fuming, his face was pink, and he gripped the bars tighter. He took out his keys from his pockets and thrust them into the lock. Antoni and Jacek backed up several steps while Cecylja and Filipina stood in front of them to defend them. The police officer was turning his keys and when he unlocked the cell door, he slammed it open.


            Out of nowhere, Officer Ratownik was running to him in a blur.

            “Move over!” the overweight police officer shouted.

            “If you even try to slap them,’ Officer Ratownik said dangerously “I will send a report of police brutality as well as abuse.”

            The chubby officer laughed so loudly that it echoed throughout the whole entire cell and into his office. The four cousins looked at Officer Ratownik confused.

            “You really think that the Chief will even care?” he sneered as he let out a couple more chuckles “Did you even see how he almost smacked Pajdak’s head off with his nightstick? He will just yell at you for wasting his time and your time at work.”

            “Oh, I’m not going to report this to Chief Kovalenko,” she drawled.

            “Whaddaya mean?” he asked, frightened now.

            “I will report this to the mayor, I will record what you are going to do and send it to the mayor, and I will post it publicly on social media.” she answered “And, I will say every corrupt thing that Kovalenko is doing. I will quit my job and move back with my adopted father, Dr. Schwartz; also, Dr. Schwartz is the kind of man who knows everybody. I shouldn’t quit my job because I need it but I will quit for them.” 

            The police officer looked at the policewoman as if she just slapped him. He stepped out of the cell and slammed the door so loudly that it ringed in all of their ears. He stepped all over the chips, crunching them and sat back down on his seat and resumed whatever “work” he was doing. The four cousins all stared at her with awe but she did not look back at them. Officer Ratownik then left the room and did not say another word.


            The next day something unexpected happened. There was news of people dressed in peculiar suits attacking Philadelphia. It wasn’t too long before the news reached the police department’s ears. The Dispatchers’ offices were buzzing with plenty of emergency calls and frantic voices panicked on the phone lines. Even the police officers were somewhat spooked.

             The police officers were all saying that the situation was so dangerous that Kovalenko would not allow the suspects to play cops and robbers again. When one police officer tried to persuade him into letting the suspects out in the area but Kovalenko refused; he wanted them alive when they would be thrown in prison. Another police officer explained to the Chief that they would need extra police officers because of the number of attackers. Eventually, Kovalenko reluctantly gave in.

            Before the police officers went into the police van to arrive to the scene, they gathered all the police officers, including the reinforcements. Because of how terrible the situation was, they all had to put on black police armor. They wore black bullet-proof suits that covered them from head to toe; enormous translucent shields that stated: “POLICE”; and black helmets that had translucent shields for their faces. They were all heavy and hard to breathe in; they had had to carry their regular pistols but also large arms-length nightsticks. Despite the fact that this was all for their own protection, it looked intimidating.

             When the cousins and the other police officers were climbing into the van, the chief pulled aside both Jacek and Antoni. He was huffing and puffing like a steaming teapot.

            “If you ever talk about me the wrong way about me ever again or even assault that police officer that guards your cell, I will kick both of you so hard that you will find yourselves in Kiev by five minutes.” the chief hissed dangerously.

            “You won’t,” remarked Antoni with a smirk “it’s not physically possible; also, that threat is so overused it makes you look dim.”

            The chief growled like an angry dog and he grinded his teeth. His eyes burned like flames and his face turned crimson. He grabbed both Jacek and Antoni and pulled them closer towards him.

            “You two are quite the smart mouths aren’t you?” he spoke with a deeper Ukrainian accent.

            “Hey Chief!” spoke a familiar yet faint Polish accent. Out of the van stepped out Officer Ratownik “Take your business to another time, we really need to get going before those attackers destroy the entire city down!”

            The chief flashed back into reality and let go of both of Jacek and Antoni’s shirts. As he walked to the van, he looked back at them with a malicious gaze. Jacek and Antoni both got into the van but sat away from the chief.

            When they all got to their destination, the cousins, along with all the other police officers, stormed out of the van. They all saw that there were other police vans with them and those police officers were also heavily armored. Thankfully, today was a cold, cloudy day so that they would not have to suffocate in these suits. All around them there were people screaming, cars crashing and becoming balls of flames, and puffs of white fogs. People who were in the white fogs instantly dropped like dead birds. This was a pandemonium.

            By the chief’s command, the police all ran with their heavy, bouncing armor and heavy shields forward. Some of them made the sign of the cross before moving forward. Their breaths clouding their face shields, obscuring their views, and eventually vanishing with smudgy imprints. Thud! Thud! Thud! Their combat boots pounded on the ground into an unorganized rhythm. Police sirens wailed behind them and rang in their ears.

            All of a sudden three attackers came at the police; they uniforms that they were dressed in looked like something from a science fiction movie. They had pale green hoods that went over their heads and covered where their foreheads should have been. Their faces were covered in a cloth but they had shiny, black face shields had covered their eyes and were in an upside down widow’s peak; also, translucent tubes were connected to where their noses should have been and led to oxygen tanks and  green tanks that were both strapped behind their backs. There was a breathing gap in the shape of a circle and it was placed to where the mouth should have been. They wore pale green robes with the symbol of a monstrous, red “S”-shaped dragon on their chests. Their red gloves held a device that was a mix between a rifle and a large vacuum cleaner, they were pointed directly at the police.

            There were not just male attackers dressed in these daunting uniforms but there was also one female among those attackers.

            If those…devices are the same devices that Daquan Espina used to poison those police officers from our last mission, thought Filipina to herself as she was tensing with sweat then we…are screwed.[i]

            Filipina heard the click of a finger being pulled on the trigger and a huge puff of white smoke emerge from the mouth of the device. She quickly held up her shield and held it close to her face and crouched. The white smoke blew in her direction, hit the top of the shield but then flew past the shield.

            At first Filipina felt relieved but then the top of the shield made a small hole which then grew bigger and bigger. That part of the shield was turning soft and liquefying like candle wax. Filipina opened her mouth in shock as she saw that the top part of the shield was melting and white rain drops were streaming down the shield and pattering to the pavement. The shield stopped melting; the middle of the shield looked like a huge upside-down shark bite and the entire shield was more than a third smaller.

            Yep, we are definitely screwed she thought to herself in panic. Goodbye world even though you had nothing good in store for me.

             Dut! Dut! Dut! Dut! There was the attacker running towards Filipina and now he was only two feet away. Filipina quickly stood up and as soon as the attacker ran into her, she slammed his face with her shield. Dun! He staggered backwards but he did not fall. On his device, there was an electronic screen that had a red bar that was very short but was getting longer and longer. A white ball popped out of the attacker’s front pocket and landed on his palm; he then popped it into his green air tank.

            The device automatically reloads and it is run by tiny, white balls. Filipina thought to herself those clever dastards.

            She ran into him and tried to ram him with the shield again but he quickly moved aside and she fell face-first to the ground. Her belly and chin hurt and stung but she knew that it was dangerous to lay there like a worm so she turned around. When she did, the saw that the device was only a foot away from her face and the attacker had his finger on the trigger. Quickly, without thinking, she kicked the device up and white fog sprayed two meters into the air above them. Filipina quickly got up, abandoned her shield and dashed into a silver building with tinted glass that was around twenty stories high.

            She ran to the middle of the room. The room had a velvet red carpet that snaked all the way to the receptionist’s desk while the rest of the floor was polished marble. Next to the receptionist’s desk was a shiny, metal door with a row of buttons next to it while straight ahead of Filipina was a set of white double doors and a plastic sign of a stick figure running up the stairs above the doors. The walls were eggshell white with a couple of exquisite paintings hanging on the wall. To the right side of Filipina was a room with a green carpet, a seventy-inch plasma screen television hanging on the wall, a large green sofa facing the television, and to the right was a banquet of sesame seed bagels, chocolate-covered doughnuts, English muffins, and other kinds of pastries. The downside was that there were no people here, including the receptionist, and there were no signs of running electricity.

            She flipped her face shield open and panted heavily. She looked at where she ran away from and hoped that the attacker was dead. One…two…five…ten…fifteen…twenty seconds passed and nothing came out. She slowly walked to where she came from. The attacker burst into the building and as he stepped closer, he was reloading.

            He’s reloading? she thought quickly as she ran towards him Now’s my chance but I gotta make it quick!

            Filipina was about to kick him between the legs but he jumped back. She almost lost her balance but she regained it. It was too late, he had finished reloading. She was panicking now, sweat trickling from her brows. Then she remembered she was a police officer…almost. Filipina pulled out her nightstick, raised it in the air and rained down hits.

            Dang! Dun! Dun! Dent! Bing!

            The metal, bulky, device was not very fragile but not as hard as a rock. It was denting into an irregular shape. Now it looked like a beaten up trumpet.

            “How do like your poison spray gun now?!” Filipina shouted as she continued destroying the machine. “I fixed it for you!”   

            The attacker pulled the trigger but the device buzzed and did not. He pulled it again but it sent sparks and boom! It exploded. It was now mostly gray, missing some buttons, and a tiny flame was burning where the tiny electronic screen should have been.  The attacker looked down on his device then at Filipina then back down at his device. He stared at it for a couple seconds then threw it down.

            He rammed himself into Filipina. He sat on top of her but he didn’t beat her up instead he grabbed the nightstick from her, he began to unbuckled the green tank from his back but it was difficult. Then it came to Filipina, she knew what he was trying to do but she wasn’t going to let it happen.

            As he unbuckled the green tank, Filipina ran straight toward him. She grabbed him by the symbol on his chest, threw him behind her, and dashed into him. She lifted his left arm up, slid other her arm under his right arm, grabbed his right shoulder, and squeezed her grip on his right arm tightly. With her left arm, she gave him a headlock, and squeezed the middle of her right arm. She hit her heel with his heel and they both landed on the ground. She had him down on the ground flat on his belly with her arms squeezing his head in headlock.

            For her, this hurt her ribs a lot, because slammed into him on his back which had two tanks full of gas; nevertheless, she never left go. She dented the gas tanks but thankfully, she didn’t break them. She did not want break the gas tanks for fear of exploding something so she lifted her belly and chest up.    Quickly, Filipina withdrew her headlock, pinned the attacker’s arms down with one hand, took out her handcuffs, and hastily locked his wrists. The attacker struggled but the “policewoman” was still on top of him. Filipina spotted a label on the oxygen tank and what she read was eye-catching.


            IDV Tank 2: Brain Indoctrination Gas

            These tanks are meant to indoctrinate the brain and command one’s subject to execute any order one wishes them to execute. The gases are active for 6 – 12 hours. Always wear a gas mask when indoctrinating your subject to prevent yourself from breathing in the gas. Never use the tanks without the High Boss’s permission. Use wisely, these gases are limited. Instructions on how to indoctrinate your subject and how to make them put on the suit as well as the gas tank are in the manual.

- High Boss

Dr. D. S.

            She then looked for a label on the green tank and saw another label which stated that it was “IDV Tank 1: Poison gas”. It stated that it was meant to poison people within seconds and to always wear the pale green suit and helmet in order to protect oneself from getting poisoned; also it stated that it could only be used by the High Boss’s permission and it should only be used by trained individuals. The tank was also signed by “High Boss Dr. D.S.”. 

            Then, an Asian man with a fedora, tuxedo, and a red rose in his pocket stepped out of the white double doors.  He made a smirk that looked sinister.

            “You!” shouted Filipina “I never forgot you! You are behind this chaos?”

            “Take the man with you and come inside.” he spoke with a honey-coated voice.

            “Screw you!” she responded heatedly “Why should I trust bags of scum like you?”

            “Do you want your cousin Cecylja Pajdak to live?” he asked cynically “I have her in that building.”

            “What?” she asked in shock. She didn’t want to believe it; she thought about going in there but then she had a second thought. “No, you’re lying.”

            “Am I?” he asked without changing expression. He then turned around, put his gloved hand on the knob, and looked back at her. “Well, I see guess then I will just have to leave now. After all, you said “no” so don’t deny it later. We will see then who is a liar.”

            As he was closing the door behind him, Filipina stood up and ran to the door while dragging the guy with her.

            “Wait!” she called “Where is she?”

            The door was only an inch away from closing but then the Asian man opened it wide. He had a crimson ribbon that was tied around his hand five times; he untied the first round of ribbon from his hand and now the ribbon was wrapped around his hand only four times. His smile grew wider and his white, pearly teeth were showing but in mischief.



            There were so many of these attackers: five left and three on the right, four in the front while there were about eight officers who were attacking the enemies from all sides. No officers died yet however, the situation was worsening; their giant shields were melting and parts of their armor were burning or were already burned out from the white fog. One shield was so liquefied and so reduced to size that it was the size of a china plate; despite this, the officer who had that shield, still used it to cover his face.

            “This is hopeless,” panicked Antoni “we’re gonna die!”

            “We’re not gonna die!” Jacek reassured him. “Quick, follow me!”

            Antoni obeyed him and followed him. They both retreated to an alley but did not go any further. They exhaled huge puffs of air and clouded their face shields.

            “I thought this was going to be like ‘Call of Duty’ but no, ‘Call of Duty’ is nothing like this.” commented Antoni.

            “No, this is like ‘Call of Duty’, except that this is reality and we only have one life, no respawning included.” disagreed Jacek.

            “What do we do now?” asked Antoni as he turned his head to him.

            “I don’t know,” he responded “but right now we have to take cover. I am trying to think of a plan.”

            They both stood there for a minute and calmed down for a little bit. Then Jacek looked the attackers that were reloading. Then an idea popped to him.

            “What if we shoot their air tanks?” asked Jacek.

            “Yeah.” agreed Antoni “I wanted to do that but I panicked from the white fog that they always keep shooting at us.”

            Jacek then took out a gun from his pocket and aimed for the air tanks. He squeezed his finger on the trigger and fired.

            Bing! There was a hole in the green air tank and white fog was leaking. The other officers knew what was going on so they picked up their courage and remembered why they took this job. They shot at their enemies green gas tanks. More and more gas leaked and spread without control. The police officers all ran for cover. Some took trash cans, flipped the lids open, and used them as another layer of a face shield. Some other police officers hid in trash cans.

            After a couple minutes when the gas cleared, Jacek and Antoni looked out to see that the attackers were discovering that their tanks were busted. In anger and frustration, they all took off their green air tanks and IDV devices, and threw them into the ground in unison.  Although they did this, they kept their other air tanks strapped to their backs. They all went forward in the street and made an irregular formation. They all stopped together like robots. The attacker in the middle put his hand on his right part of the jaw.

            “Commence plan dwa [ii].” he commanded in a distorted, electronic voice.

            Then the attackers all put their arms up in a horizontal straight line and spun in a three-hundred sixty degree circle. The robes expanded into flat circles that had a diameter of three yards. As they were twirling in a circle, triangular razor blades the size of a palm of a hand flew out of the hems of their robes.

            Jacek saw one coming at him so he pushed Antoni down on his belly as he ducked. He heard the whooshing of the razor blades fly past him and his cousin. Thud! Jacek moved his head up a bit and saw a shiny, silver glint two meters ahead of him. He was relieved that he didn’t run to the far edge of the alley like he had planned earlier.

            “Those blades fly really fast.” commented Jacek as he whistled lowly. Jacek then looked up and turned around, and he was not surprised at what he saw. There were large triangular blades scattered everywhere – on the walls, on the pavement, on abandoned cars, on cracked store windows. He heard a couple officers moaning from the pain of deep cuts.

            He saw one police officer who looked at his comrade with desperate eyes; his comrade was slumping on the floor with a glimmering piece of silver in his chest. The injured police officer took out the razor from his chest and put pressure on his chest, hoping to stop the bleeding. There was a third police officer with them who was dialing a number, probably to the ambulance. The police officer who was with his comrade stood up, took out one of his nightsticks from his belt and stood forward.

            “Let’s get them!” he yelled out to the other police officers who were taking cover.

            So that police officer ran toward one of the attackers and was aiming for the attacker with his nightstick; however, the attacker turned around and saw him. He turned around again and began to run but the officer hit the attacker’s air tank. Green gas leaked out of the white air tank but the police officer flipped on his face shield quickly before he could inhale the gas. The attacker stumbled on to the ground and when he got up on his knees, his head was spinning. He put his hand on his head as birds revolved around his head. 

            “Why are those…those guys in suits reacting like this?” wondered Antoni “they look like drunkards.”

            “Yeah,” agreed Jacek “I mean, what’s in that green gas?” Jacek then stood up, took out his nightstick. “Come on, we gotta destroy those air tanks.”

            Jacek and Antoni bolted out of the alley, ran to those attacks, and smashed their white tanks. As expected, gas hissed out of the tank and the attacker had the same reaction. More police officers came out of their hiding places and did the same.

            Now all the attackers dropped and were on their knees or sitting on the ground. The officers jumped on all of the attackers in suits and piled up on them. The attackers were lethargic. The officers handcuffed them all and forced them to stand up straight; when the attackers walked, they continually stumbled, so it took two people to drag them. There was a police van that was meant to carry arrested offenders; it was only a block away from them. The attackers were thrown in the police vans like garbage bags into a garbage bin. One officer came up to them one by one and shot them all tranquilizers with tranquilizers. They all were quickly knocked into a deep slumber and ceased movement.

            Of course there were more attackers so two police officers stayed behind to guard the sleeping offenders while the rest went to take the remaining offenders down. Jacek and Antoni both went in separate directions from the police and walked cautiously, waiting for another attacker to come out. Jacek then thought about his female cousins and a shiver went down his spine.

            “Oh no,” said Antoni who was panicking “where are Cecylja and Filipina?”

            “I’mma dial them right now,” responded Jacek as he hastily took out his police radio and dialed the number to Filipina’s radio. “Filipina can you hear me? Where are you?”

            At first, there was static but then there were voices in the background – female ones. One voice sounded exactly like Cecylja’s and another sounded exactly like Filipina’s but they both sounded terrified. Jacek and Antoni both breathed heavily and sweat from their palms dampened the cold radio. There was a smashing of glass and then the radio signal turned off.

            “No, no, no, no, no,” stammered Jacek as he frantically attempted to call them again.


            The basement was dusty, the smell of mold was hanging in the air, and the floor was almost as cold as ice. The building was abandoned but there still seemed to be a faint trace of living presence here. The windows were boarded with completely covered with black fabric and the windows were boarded with wooden planks. There was a wooden table in the middle of the room with only three chairs surrounding it and an ugly rug under them; old, ripped, faded sofas that were moved to the walls gathered layers of dust; cardboard boxes, big and small, were stacked on top of one another and randomly placed in the room. Glass bottles and crushed soda cans were littered everywhere on the floor and on the wooden table. The only source of illumination was an electric lantern in the room.

            Filipina and Cecylja were both tied up in ropes and sitting on the cold, hard floor; they were stripped of their armor and gear but they did have their police uniforms on. The Asian man who was wearing a tuxedo, fedora with a white stripe, and a rose in the tuxedo pocket was standing before them with a small grin plastered on his face. He was Jiling Miyu.

            “We meet again Jiling Miyu.” spoke Cecylja to him.

            “It is a pleasure meeting you again ladies,” Miyu replied with a Chinese accent “long time, no see.”

            “What did you do to Lilka and Brunon?” asked Filipina dangerously through gritted teeth.

            Miyu slowly walked to the wooden table, picked up a glass bottle and threw it. At first, Filipina ducked, thinking that it would hit her but then she realized the he was aiming for Cecylja. Her cousin saw it coming so she ducked,. CHNKKK!!! The bottle crashed into the wall, a foot above Cecylja but copious amounts of glass pieces landed on her everywhere. Her glasses were on the floor but they were a couple inches away from her. She sat up with a bit of struggle and shook off the glass shards to the floor; she felt small, yet stinging cuts on her arms and cheek. She was lucky enough to not have any gashes anywhere on her body.

            “If either of you talks back to me,” he warned coolly “I will hurt or even take the life of the other. In other words, you talk back to me again, Filipina Pajdak, I break one of your cousin’s bones – same to you Cecylja Pajdak. Understand me …pretty ladies?”

            “Yes,” they both nodded in unison.

            “As for your precious Lilka and Brunon…” he answered coolly.

            He did not say anything more. He stood silent for what seemed like a long time. They were impatiently waiting for an answer and the suspense was consuming their minds, especially for Filipina. Miyu was just standing there with an impassive face and not uttering a sound. Filipina was panting heavily and a cold chill ran up her spine. She wanted to shout, to demand that he give them an answer but she knew that would result in bodily harm for Cecylja.

            “Sir?” asked Cecylja.

            The man still did not respond. There was a sound of chewing and munching but Miyu was not eating anything neither were the two cousins. It probably was a mouse. How long was he going to stay silent? What was he going to do to them? Their hearts were beating in a frantic pattern and sweat was rolling down from their palms and foreheads. A vein in both of their heads pulsated and cold chills were running up their heads, spines, and necks. Their ears were ringing loudly. When Miyu finally spoke, they yelped so much so that their souls almost jumped out of their skins.

            “I got you there didn’t I?” he asked with a mischievous tone. The man then pulled out from his pocket a phone; he tapped, slid, tapped, slid, and tapped his thumb on the screen. He stood there with irritation on his face as he held his phone. He held it up high and muttered some curse words.

            Fear streamed through Cecylja’s brain as she wondered what he was planning to do to them with his phone. Maybe he was going to call one of his buddies to go and take Filipina and her and execute them in a secluded place? There was no way out; there were definitely going to die. He muttered something in Chinese that he did not understand as he tapped his phone again. He played music.

            “From the meadows and over the hills, I ran and ran and ran and ran till I found ya. I never thought I’d get this far. Here I am with you now, sitting on the plains…” sang a male voice with a southern accent as he played a banjo in the background.

            “You’re playing country music Mr. Miyu?” asked Filipina confused.

            “What?” Miyu asked “I happen to like country music. Don’t like it? You’re just going to have to listen to it.”

            “It’s a weird time to play casually music isn’t it?” remarked Cecylja as she smiled and chuckled weakly. She regretted saying that, now Filipina was going to get punished. She looked at him and Filipina, waiting for something to happen but he didn’t do anything to her. “You’re planning to torture us with country music sir?”

            “No, I just like this song but of course there is something you will have to go through if you want to free Lilka and Brunon.” he answered as he smiled sinisterly.

            “What do we have to do to get Lilka and Brunon back?” asked Filipina desperately.

            The man’s smile extended widely and increased in size. He was showing his pearly white teeth which were like tiny dim lights in the semi-darkness. His eyes were hungry and excited. He had something sick in mind.


[i] Screwed – although most people already know what this word means, there are those that don’t know what this word means. For those of you who don’t know what this word means, it means “We are in big trouble”, “we will never survive”, “it’s hopeless” etc. 




Polish-English Translation

[ii] Dwa – (pronounced dva) in many Slavic languages (including Polish, Czech, Russian, and Ukrainian) it means “two”. It can be spelled differently depending on the language.


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