One Night

One Night only or will it only be one night?


2. One Night

Am I going to survive?.........


I entered a room with a big M on it seeing that there was no way out the last room I approached had a big L on it. "No bro I have a funny feeling" a deep think Australian accent rang through the halls. Fear struck me as I looked behind me seeing four guys behind me staring at me with cold looks.


They all had the looks. One was tan and big chocolate brown eyes and tattoos and piercings. Another had blue hair and hazel eyes with piercings and tattoos. Another had caramel hair with green eyes and tattoos and piercings. Then there he stood the boy I always wondered about the most. He had a blonde quiff with a lip piercing and a eyebrow piercings and tattoos and ocean blue eyes and bubblegum lips. Beautiful boys!


"What are you doing here" the one with the blonde quiff snapped at me scaring me half to death should I tell him or no I guess I can. "I was walking home a and there were these boys they s scare me because they tried to play dirty and things like that so I i stepped in here and went to come out and it was like I couldn't so I followed the tracks a and f found h h here" I stuttered. They all smiled and started laughing super dark and creepy "sweetheart I hope you know these woods are dangerous haven't you been warned about these woods especially the house" the one with blue hair said. "Well yea" I feel uncomfortable!


"Wanna play a game" the one with black hair said "okay lets play" he said before I could even nod or shake or breathe. "This game is I try to find you with knives and you hide like hide and seek" he tilted his head "we won't hurt you that bad" blue hair said. My heart dropped as the caramel haired boy crooked a twisted smile "I'll hide with you" he come up to me sending shivers down my spine. This place is super creepy! 


"Can I leave?" I asked super scared "awe sweetheart we haven't even started fun" the one with the quiff winked at me. 'I'll get to you' he mouthed and winked with my jaw dropping in disgust. He laughed as the one with black hair started counting "one..two..three...four" then caramel hair grabbed my arm. He took me into the kitchen opening a full cabinet of new fresh food. "get in there" he said as he helped me into the cabinet he climbed in along with me.


"Don't be scared the boys just like some fun" he said as he put his arms around me scaring me super bad. It gave me goose bumps and sent shivers down my spine. "We won't hurt you too bad" he whispered and winked "ready or not here I come" one of the boys yelled. 



It has been like 10 minutes in here Ashton is caramel hair guys name. But Ashton says the game lasts for fifteen minutes...

I'm scared if I will live or not 



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