Lucy and Mark break up and go there separate ways, only to be brought back together in the worst imaginable situation.

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2. Mark, being with happiness

Mark crashed in through the doorway. He hit the wall nearby, slid down it and started to cry. He sat there, with the image of the blood, the knife and Rick’s dying face. Rick had looked so peaceful lying there, and some part of Mark wished it was him that died. Mark went to put his head in hands, as if to hide from what he had done but looking down he saw his hands were still slick with blood. He screwed his eyes shut and vomited on the floor next to him.

After what felt like hours of sitting alone in the darkness he thought he had no more tears left to cry. He felt a comforting hand slide onto his shoulder, and a warm body moving to sit next to him. He looked up through the darkness and saw Lucy looking back in her dressing gown. “What,” she started “on earth are you doing sleeping here? We have a bed you know”

She smiled, God he loved her smile. Her dark brown hair was messy, as if she had just woken up, a strand fell delicately covering her eye. Mark leaned to move it, to brush it aside and feel the touch of her skin, and then he remembered the blood. He couldn’t show her the blood, could he? She was so innocent, so pure. The thought of their love brought a new wave of tears through his body and he broke down again.    

Mark trusted her, he trusted her with his life. If he could tell anyone about what happened, it was her. “I- I was at the pub,” he stumbled on his words, having no idea what to say.

“Yes, I know that,” she giggled, and prompted him that light she always had in her eyes.

“There was a fight.” His voice was hoarse and his throat hurt from crying. Lucy’s expression change in a split second. All the light in her eyes shut off and she looked away from him.

“Oh Mark, not again...” The hand on his shoulder tightened. She still didn’t look at him and she wondered what she could be hiding, what her expression said now.

“I couldn’t help it. You know … I can’t even remember how it started. He, I mean Rick-” He let out a single sob cutting his sentence short as the image of Rick bleeding to death came flashing through his mind.

How do you tell someone you’re a murderer?

“Mark we’ve been here before. If you could stop it then, you can stop it now. You’re not cut are you?” Her eyes searched his face for any sign of the fight, and suddenly Mark was angry. He was furious that someone so caring, so kind could be in a world where men like him killed for reasons he couldn’t even remember.

“You look fine,” she continued, “Let me get some ice-”

“Do you think I would be so scared- so terrified if this was about me getting cut?!” Mark exploded, “How are you always so damn positive? I just killed a man and you’re-”

“wh- wha-” She raised her shaking hands to cover her mouth, to protect herself Mark thought . Mark reached out for his girlfriend and she screamed, staring at his blood soaked hands

“Lucy! Please!” But it was too late, she was already backing down the hallway. She looked at Mark like he was a monster.

And just like that Marks whole life fell apart.

“Wait!” He yelled hysterically after her. When he tried to get up he dropped back to the floor, hitting his head on the wall behind him knocking him unconscious as the darkness swallowed him whole.

He was left there, a pathetic excuse for a man in a deserted hallway.


Mark dreamed of Rick. He dreamed of stabbing Rick, over and over, more violently each time, until he looked up and he was no longer stabbing Rick. He looked up to see Lucy. Her big brown eyes filled with the betrayal he had seen in them earlier, then she fell. Her white dress stained with blood, whether it was hers or Ricks, he couldn’t tell. He couldn’t stop her. Mark reached for her as she disappeared down a dark pit. Mark struggled but couldn’t get up to save her. He jumped down the pit to follow Lucy but he was stopped, grabbed at the ankles by Emma. Emma pulled him up and laughed. Suddenly she was the man beside Rick’s dead body. Staring straight through Mark and all he thought he was.


He woke up gasping, gulping the air as if it could erase all that had just happened. He sat up against the same wall as the night before and stared at where Lucy had been sitting. He thought long and hard then, he thought about his dream, he thought about Lucy and how much he loved her, but how little he said it. Slowly he got up, took his keys off the hook, wrote a short note and stuck it on the door as he left.



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