Lucy and Mark break up and go there separate ways, only to be brought back together in the worst imaginable situation.

Please comment literally anything you feel I should change :)


5. Alan, the fledgling

Lucy felt the potato-sack-thing being wrenched off her head, with what she thought, was a considerable amount of hair. Her eyes watered. She looked up, desperately hoping she wouldn’t cry, only too see a man staring back looking as equally dazed as she felt.

“That’s her?” A terrifying low grunt of a voice echoed through the room.

“And where’s the other?” Everything was silent.

“WHERE?!” He demanded, again.

“Alan, We do have a time limit, you know” The man in front of Lucy, Alan it seemed, took a hesitant step back. The man with the booming voice was next to her now.

With no time to react, Lucy was kicked in the back of the knees and collapsed into a chair. 'Geez you could have just asked me to sit.' 

Alan seemed to be scanning for an easy way out.

“Earth to Alan,” the man, who acted in charge, taunted. Alan was stumbling on his words

“I-Er-You-It’s just-” and just like that he was down, blood trickling from his now split lip. Punched in the mouth, Lucy presumed. Alan couldn’t get up, the man with the booming voice might has well have hit him over the head with one of the encyclopaedias from the wall.

The man towered over Lucy, and smiled. Not a happy smile, a chilling smile, and Lucy suddenly realised how terrified she should be.

“Lucy Brown, age 25” He said.

Lucy was speechless. Her phone vibrated, it was Emma, again. ‘Damn, Emma’ she thought. The man simply looked amused,

“Caught a smart one here, have we?” He questioned. Lucy regained herself. “Caught?”

The man laughed, it echoed off the walls, like a million things laughing at her apparently stupid question.

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