Out craze the crazed

*WARNING" This story will contain chapters with sexual themes that may be unsuitable for younger readers.
You struggled with bipolar disorder since you were a young girl and now... you couldn't see the end of this. This was the end of it all. Trying to take your own life you failed. Insane, they all thought you were insane and now look where you are. Arkham asylum. Now this was defiantly going to be the death of you, that's what you want, right?


1. Pushed to the edge...

Just you left. No mother, father, brother or sister. They had turned their backs on you. Alone, you felt so goddamn lonely. It hurt. Standing in the middle of pristine white bathroom, you leant against the sink on your elbows with your head in your hands crying hysterically.

"Breathe" you utter to yourself quietly as your fragile state begins to get the best of you.

"DO IT!" Your inner voice cried to you as you looked at the blade which you would class your only friend.

Tears flowing down your (skin colour) face you screamed "FINE! YOU WIN!" Grabbing the lade you slash your already heavily scarred wrists as the blood begins to pour. 

Before you collapse you heard loud and urgent knocking on the bathroom door, your room mate, Greg. 

"What have I done..." You cried before black took over and weakness enveloped your body.

"y/n!" you heard before everything went numb.

Black, everything was black...were you dead?

Waking up crying and screaming you look around to see four nurses ready to pin you down. But wait, these weren't normal nurses.

"Arkham Asylum" you read before they pinned you down again.

Without realising, you had blacked out again and now you were in this gray, grubby looking cell. Drawn to your wrists, your (e/c) eyes wandered to your bandaged sore wrists. 

"N-n-no..."You began screaming "WHAT DID YOU DO!" You screech at the male nurse on the other side of the big metal door.


Normal day-

8:00 wakeup

8:10 do bathroom things

8:30 get fed

9:00 play checkers with yourself 

10:00 have a cheery conversation with the wall

12:30 visit the first aider for a daily checkup

12:45 get fed again 

13:30 cry

14:00 sleep for a while

18:00 get fed again

20:00 lights out

20:10 stare at the ceiling for a while

23:00 sleep

Then repeat.

The clock hit 9. "Time for checkers!" You yelped excitedly. After 20 minutes of playing, the nurse left the door which was unusual since you were on high alert because of the incident a month before.

"Hello, mr Nurse man!" You cried disappointedly.

On your tip-toes you looked down the eerily long corridor. The nurse that you had nicknamed "bad breathe" for obvious reasons was escorting a man. This guy must be like a cannibal or serial killer or something. "Look how many guys are escorting him" you think to yourself, there was at least ten. 

He was on a dolly thing with a mask covering his face and a strait jacket. As he was wheeled past, you noticed all the tattoos he had. His blue eyes wandered over to yours. He winked at you which made you blush.

Not like you have serious mental problems but he was still pretty hot despite you knowing that he had probably done something terrible.



"wake up!" You heard one of the nurses yell from down the hall waking all the patients up. You got up then heard a banging on your door. You looked shocked, they never did that before.

"Come on, get up. You have an appointment with a therapist today!" Bad breath hollered through the door...


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