Out craze the crazed

*WARNING" This story will contain chapters with sexual themes that may be unsuitable for younger readers.
You struggled with bipolar disorder since you were a young girl and now... you couldn't see the end of this. This was the end of it all. Trying to take your own life you failed. Insane, they all thought you were insane and now look where you are. Arkham asylum. Now this was defiantly going to be the death of you, that's what you want, right?


3. In a daze

The last thing that I remember before I blacked out was hearing the guys voice. I still wasn't sure who he was, how he got control of  guard like that and why me...

Whilst being unconsacious I dreamt about "my other life" I liked to call it. Whenever I went to sleep I would always have a dream in the same place under the same name like it was a past life of some sort. Some of my previous therapists had told me that it was my mind trying to cope with reality and forcing me into a make-belief world to keep me happy.

It felt so real though.

From what I have gathered over the years, "my "other life" was set in the mountains and my surname was Al' Ghul. I also remember something about the "League of Assassins" I didn't mind sleeping because of this, when I did go to sleep I felt like such a freaking badass.

Being ripped from my dream, I awoke in a dark, dreary room and I was strapped down on a cold metal table. I could hear whispers in the corner of the room but couldn't lift my head up as it was tied down.

"And the sleeping beauty awakens..."  I heard a familiar voice say "Couldn't handle all that torture, could you?" He laughed almost uncontrollably, sending shivers down my spine.

Noticing my discomfort, he shuffled towards me and leant down so his face ws directly above mine. I could feel his hot breathe against my lips and could see his pure white face in great detail.

"Done staring?"  He chortled. "Anyway... I have a present for you..."

I raised my eyebrows giving a facial expression that said "what" and "why" at the same time.

Reaching into the pocket of his gray trousers (OR pants)  he pulled out a syringe with a green substance in it. Immediately my body tensed up at the thought of that be stuck into me.

"What?" He laughed "afraid of needles?" 

The next thing I knew that was jammed in my neck and my sight went blurry as I began to hear whispers in my head. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying but all I knew was that I was going to have to fight for my sanity.

Leaving the room, it had to be about 2 hours that I was on my own crying and screaming for my sanity.

Entering the room again he looked at me. Shocked.

"Well Doll," he began " You have held out longer then I have seen anyone do before.

So he did this to other people? That was sick.

"Guess I'll have to give you a second dose then." He chuckled.

I cried and cried but my voice was restricted due to the gag down my throat.

He wouldn't stop preparing the syringe so I knew I had to do something. I started laughing, loudly.

Tilting his head he looked over at me and whispered threateningly "You really think that, I, Clown prince of Crime, can be tricked so he easily." As he finished his sentence he gave me another dose of his insanity juice or whatever the hell you want to call it. 

Growing louder and louder, I could hear the voices clearly laughing. Why were they laughing? For some reason I began to laugh along too without even realising I was doing it like it was instinct.

When I finished having my laughing fit,  I realised that the room was empty and he must have been gone for a few hours.

I needed to keep up my strength if I was going to continue to fight so I slowly dozed off only to be awoken a few hours later by a loud banging noise but the thing is... I was no longer in that horrid room. I was nice in a bedroom that was oddly tidy. 

"Was it a dream?" I thought to myself

"NO IT WASN'T!!" A voice laughed back at me in my head.

I jumped at the unexpected voice and sat there silently not knowing what to do. 

Only moments later a man knocked on the door.

"So what you;re telling me is that I was kidnapped my a psychopath, I'm on the brink of sanity because of a drug and the people giving me the drug have the courtesy to knock..." I was amused by this for some reason and giggle quietly before heading towards the white door.

Once I had opened the door, no one was there but when I looked down. There was a tray of food with a note.

I picked it up and entered the room again, closing the door behind me. Seeing the food made me realise how hungry I actually was.

I picked up the note first and read it:

*Dear (y/n),

I'm sorry about the whole torture thing... I really didn't want to. That's not true I did! But the point is I hope there is no hard feelings since I may have use of you soon. 

When I say I hope there's no hard feelings, what I really mean is you better play nice or I'm going to have to teach you a lesson.

DO NOT leave your room until I come and get you!





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