Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


10. Next morning

Next morning) -dame-

I wake up do my hygiene thing and then put on a white polo shirt and some blue jeans that sag off me and then i comb a pick through my hair " DAME!!!!" I herd Red yelling my name from down stairs "What!!!!!!" I yell back annoyed "some girl came looking for you this morning" the first thing I thought about was Madison that's all I think about, I hate it but that's all I can think about, I went down stairs "who?" Asking as if I didn't care "she said her name was diamond" DAMMNNN!!!!! That girl get on my nerves she won't leave me alone, I got with her at a party ONE time an now she keep bugging me like I'm her man or sum she Rachet ASF an she dress like a hoe. "Ughhh" I said annoyed "what's up with you" red asked looking at his phone "I'm Fin a head out I said walking out the door" once I got out the door I started walking to the park across from my house I haven't been at the park for a long time but me an my brother used to come here almost every day "dame" I heard a girl voice say my name I felt like I already knew who it was (diamond annoying ass) "what do you WANT damn leave me alone" I said as I was looking through my phone "okay then" I looked up to see a sexy body walking away "WAIT"I yelled then she turned around with that beautiful smile "that's what I thought she said sitting next to me "was you looking for me or sum" I said smirking "boy bye I stay around here, I come to this park every now an then๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜Œ". So that means that me and her live in the same neighborhood,I don't understand why I haven't seen her around here but to be honest I don't care as long as she's here now "how old are you" she asked not looking at me "19 what about you" I said looking at her praying to god she wasn't to young "17" she said playing with my hair "you like the way my hair feel or sum" I said with a chuckle "yeah it's" we both started laughing. Madison is someone I would wanna be best friends with I don't want to make her my girl cause first off we barely know each other and second she seems nice an I don't wanna hurt her. "Why was you walking on the side of the road yesterday" I asked "my EX boyfriend dropped me off cause I was really getting tired of his shit" I looked at her with surprise. "What?" She asked trying to read my facial expression "you telling me that you TOLD him to drop you off" I looked at her, we were now eye to eye "yea what's the big deal" she said looking at her nails I guess she didn't like looking me in the eyes "why you so shy" I said playfully punching her arm "SHY" she yelled  "I'm far from shy"

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