Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


14. Meet up

So before you knew it I decided not to walk to Ashley house but I already know that she's going to be mad at me because I always come over her house for the weekend so I walk straight back in the house and go to my room and jump on my bed waiting for him to call me........or do I call him. As soon as I was thinking about calling him he fin the called "hello" he said his voice sounding so sexy "hey" I smile so hard "Madison I'm so glad you feel the same way as me I was scared that me and you wasn't on the same page" he chuckled and I laugh "same" it was silence for a moment it felt kind of weird now that we actually shared that we both liked each other "I'm so sorry Madison it's just talking to you on the phone is just not enough for me I have to see that beautiful face and smile of yours" he said breaking the silence "okay let's meet somewhere" I said standing up immediately "at the park" I blurted I was so excited it was like me and him haven't seen each other in years even though we saw each other 2days ago "ok see you in a bit" he hung up the phone and when he did I went to check myself in the mirror I was so EXCITED i didn't want my mom to be nosy and ask where I was going so I just snook out the kitchen window when I got out the house I started to run to the park I felt like I was in a movie. When I arrived at the park I saw dame sitting on the bench waiting for me 

I felt a hand tap on my shoulder me already knowing who it is "finally you get here" I joke "don't play with me I literally ran down here" she sat down beside me "so you ran down here for me WOW you must really lLOVE me "I started laughing and so did she "i wish I could stay with you forever" she says looking me directly into the eyes and her eyes are just so beautiful makes me go crazy "you can Madison" I say holding her hands "what you mean" she says looking confused "come stay with me" she starts to shake her head "what?" I ask "I can't just leave my mama she just lost her only sibling and my daddy not there to help her I'm all she got" she says with water in her eyes she was trying to fight to keep them from falling but I guess she lost so I took my hand and wiped the tears from her face "don't you think Brianna is gonna be upset about this she said laughing a little "I don't know and I really don't give a fuck" we both start laughing. I have been in so many relationships before but this one feels so different.....wait are me and Madison in a relationship should I ask her "Maddison?" She looks at me and smiles with her beautiful smile "do you wanna be my girl" I say looking at the ground "nope" she says looking at the sky. I turn and look at her and my heart hurts me now feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack "I'm just playing babe" she hugs me and that made all the pain go away "your so sweet dame" still looking at the sky " I know" she laughs "then why do you act like a THUG sometimes" when she said 
that I start laughing my ass off "I'm not a thug at least I don't think so" I say still laughing a lil "you make me think sometimes that yo-" she gets interrupted by my phone and it was Brianna calling me "LET ME ANSWER" she said taking the phone putting it on speaker "hello.dame"I heard Brianna all I could do was smile "mmmmmmm" Madison moans,I started to hold in my laughter "DAME!!!" Brianna yelled "mmmmmmm yes DAME" she moans louder when she was yelling my name it made me Moan a lil I guess she heard it because she looked at me blowing a kiss "who is this!!!!" Brianna yelled in to the phone "oops dame I answered your phone on accident " she said in a lil voice and then she hung up the phone we both started laughing  "I wanna just......" She said trying to get her words out "kiss" I say smirking "nah" she then starts laughing but I don't laugh " what's wrong " she asks still laughing a lil "nothing" I scratch the back of my neck wishing me and Madison could spend the rest of our life's I going to far with this lovely Dovy shit "noooo somethings wrong so just tell me dame" she took my hands "I don't know Madison" she lays her head on my chest "dame do you think me and you are going to stay together" she looked me In the eyes "of course" "you promise" she held out her pinky and I shook it "I promise." And then got of my chest "I'm thinking about dropping out of school" she said playing with my hair "DONT" I yelled "why" she snapped "cause it's just not the right thing to do" she stood up of the bench then started to walk away "where are you going" I sighed "dame I wanna be with you I want us to be TOGETHER you are 19 years old and I'm 17 I'm pretty sure we're old enough to do what we want with our lives, so do you wanna do it dame do you want to spend it with me or without me" she looked at me so serious 

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