Thug love

This story is about a girl who has everything going for her, good grades, a smart boyfriend, and parents who care about her. But that all changes when she falls In love with a thug


11. connection

Madison prov

I don't connect with people that well, but with dame I feel that it's different he is like.......... Another ME, male version and I love that about him, he makes me laugh and he makes me feel good about my self cause all Chris ever did was act all goody in front of my parents and then when we got alone he just turned into a.........dick. "You wanna go get on the swings" he asked snapping me out my thoughts "ummmmm" I didn't want to fall or anything cause last time I was on the swings I fell and I was so embarrassed "come on" he pulled me by my hand,his hand felt like a warm blanket around my hand. "Don't push me too high" he started to push me "wait stop!!" I yelled "what?" He asked "dame can I ask you sum" he sat down next to me "sure" I took a deep breath "why do I connect with you so well because usually people try to connect with me an I shut them out" he looked at me smiling with his sexy smile "I don't  know but I was thinking the same, I don't think I ever had a friend to connect with as much as me an you do" when he said that it made my heart skip a beat "I wish you still went to school" I laid my head on his shoulder "why?" He asked "cause I'm just so lonely at my school everybody else there don't connect like how me an you connect" I said playing with the palm of his hand "DAME OH MY GOSH IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO FIND YOU" we heard someone yell so we both look up, and all I saw was a girl who had braids going all the way to her butt and she had on white crop top with booty shorts on ,I was so confused "diamond don't come over here with that loud ass mouth of yours" dame yelled "who is this" she said looking me up and down. "My name is Madison" I gave a fake smile feeling uncomfortable "OHHH IS THIS your girl dame" she said it like he was doing something wrong "no" I said interrupting her then dame looked at me and smiled and I smiled back " nahhhh something going on with you too, well let me tell you something MRS Madison dame is taken so stop trying to take him cause I'm pretty sure he don't want you" I looked at her and then I looked at dame and we both started to burst out with laughter " what's funny" she said looking me up an down. "First off, me and Madison are just friends and second off ME AND YOU ain't  NOTHING!!!!!!!!" Dame yell at her and then me an him start laughing again but this time she didn't fight back she just walked away in anger. I'm so glad I found someone I could call a friend "well it's getting dark I should get going" I stood up "damn I wish u could stay but I understand you got a curfew" he started chuckling "boy I don't even have a curfew" I lied trying to act cool "im just tired dang" he then stood up "well let me get your number" he took my phone out my back pocket, I guess it was unlocked or sum but he put his phone number in my contacts "there, I'll see you around I guess" he said scratching  the back of his neck "yeah I guess" I smiled then walked away.

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