My Deadly Life

A 18 year old girl fighting her way through life both literally and mentally while trying to find something that should never be discovered.


4. Trigger of the Past

I was mesmerized by the way the inside was decorated, lights shaped like flower, the walls were painted neon colors, there a fountain in the center and the rest of the place was decorated in a futuristic way, I was so awestruck that I nearly didn’t noticed that Dalyon was there until I noticed that he was calling my name when I came to my senses I took a few steps back & hid behind Daniel. He was confused and I knew he was going to ask why I was hiding but I stopped him by asking “Can we go ahead and find a table” he said “Um sure” turned to Dalyon and said “Table for two” Dalyon said “Right this way”, once we were at the table Daniel ask “Okay why were you hiding from him” I said “Well the reason is that he was a close friend that I used to have a crush on but one day he told me he didn’t want to hangout anymore & I only felt worse since that happened the day after my best friends moved away so I don’t want to see or talk to him” he said “I understand but I don’t think avoiding him will help maybe you could talk to him a little” I sighed and said “You’re right it’s just that I…” but stopped when the sight of Dalyon and a waitress standing in front of a flame caused me to stand up and head toward the exit as I was about to go through the door Daniel grabbed my arm and asked “What’s wrong you look a little faint” but he didn’t notice that I wasn’t listening at the moment I only saw an image of two people standing in front of a burning building while holding a little girl who had tears rolling down her face & was saying something but I couldn’t hear her although I knew that the girl was me, when I came back to reality I started to scream and freak out, it took Daniel a long time to calm me down, when I stopped I said “Unsere welt kommt zu einem ende” then passed out. Once I woke up I tried to sit up but I moved too fast causing my head to spin & I nearly fell over just as Daniel came to check on me when he caught me he ask “Are you feeling better maybe you should rest a little longer” I said “I’m alright but what happened to me” he looked away & said “Well I’m not entirely sure what caused it but after you looked toward the guy you told me about you stood up immediately and tried to run out the restaurant, I stopped then I tried to talk to you but you didn’t answer when you finally came back to your senses you started to freak out and scream, it took awhile but I was finally able to calm you down then something in another language and passed out so I had brought you home you’ve been sleep for almost 5 hours” I asked “Did I say anything else” he said “No but I don’t know what it means or that the meaning is good I think it was unsere welt kommt zu einem ende” I said “I don’t know what it means either but I think it might be German well that aside can I get something to eat” he told me “While you were sleep I ordered some pizza and got a liter of sprite as long as you don’t mind” I said “It’s fine let’s eat” then started to eat while I was thinking about what happened earlier somehow I had this feeling that things would get worse after today. After 2 weeks we started to research information about our parents when we found something someone knocked on the door when I answered it I was shocked to see Dalyon. I asked “What are you doing here” he said “I wanted to see if you were okay after the accident and I wanted to say sorry for ditching you it may be too late but I hope that you and I… um never mind anyways I’ve been meaning to ask but who is that guy you were with” I said “He’s a distant relative his name is Daniel I’m staying here since my foster parents are dead” I decided not to tell him the truth then he said “Okay well I probably should head home” I said “Um well you can stay a little bit if you want to” he asked “Is that alright” I said “It’s no problem come in” once he came inside I went to the kitchen to get us something to drink, as I was leaving the kitchen I heard Daniel and Dalyon talking when I got to them I saw that they were laughing a little. I set the drinks down and ask “What’s so funny guys” Dalyon said “I was just telling Daniel about how you acted during school like the time you nearly freaked out when that one guy cut his finger or when that girl tried to insult just for no reason who would’ve thought that you would tell her off then flip her off & nobody knew that she was popular” I said “Well she knows that just because I don’t talk doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for myself and as for the cut finger thing I learned that I’m more squeamish than I thought anyways I’m not always like that except there was a time when I was worse I used to get in a lot of fights during middle school” Daniel and Dalyon said “Really like when” I said “Remember hearing about a guy lying on the ground with a lot of bruises and a bit of blood coming out of his left ear” Dalyon said “Yeah I remember that was you that beating caused him to be in the hospital for a week” I said "He kinda had that coming he shouldn't have messed with Leah and me especially when we were only talking about our day besides he was so annoying" Daniel asked "Was there any other people you sent to the hospital" I said "Not that remember oh wait there was this one girl who wouldn't stop following me she would always be there whenever I came out of a class room asking me a whole bunch of questions she almost followed me into a stall in the girls bathroom talk about weird and when I saw her going through my locker I decided that was the last straw, took her to the back of the school and hit her three times in stomach and told her stay away from me" Daniel said "Wow doing something like that proves that you're my sister I didn't know that you would do something like that just cause someone went through your stuff but I did something similar in the past" I said "Oh really what did you do" he said "I used to get bullied a lot during elementary school well I was walking home from work and when I was almost home the guy came out of nowhere then started to beat me up, I defended myself the best I could; I would have left but I decided not to let myself get picked on anymore so I fought back after an hour he finally gave when we were both really injured but before he left he said 'Watch your back one day I'll come back for you and make you pay as well as remember the name Dalyon Moon". Everything stopped after he said his name, I looked at him to see him with a look of shock on his face not truly believing what I heard I asked Daniel "Are you sure he said his name was Dalyon Moon" he said "I'm very sure why" I said "No way that can't be true Dalyon did you really..." but stopped when I saw an image of the fight Daniel and Dalyon had once it ended I screamed "Dalyon GET OUT OF HERE AND NEVER COME BACK" he would've said something but he knew it wasn't the right time and left. Once he was gone Daniel asked "Why did you make him leave" I said "Daniel he was the Dalyon that you fought when you were a child" he said "No way how do you know that for sure" I said "I saw an image of you guys fighting & I know for fact that was Dalyon I would never mistake him for anyone else" Daniel silent for a while then said "We'll talk about this in the morning for now we should go to sleep alright" I agreed and went to my room with no intention of forgiving him for what he did. As I was reading my phone beeped and I saw that I got a text from Dalyon saying that he wanted to meet at deserted meadow that was about an hour from my house I was about to text no but something came over me and I couldn't do anything to control myself, as I was leaving Daniel asked “Where are you going at this time and why do you have a bat” I said “I’m just going for a walk to clear my mind and you never know what strangers will come out well I’ll see you after an hour or two” then left halfway hoping that he would know I’m not acting right. I walked to the meeting place with a bat in my hand once Dalyon saw me he said "I'm glad that you came I wanted to say that um... Skylar are you alright" I said "No I don't appreciate hearing that my brother got beat up by the guy that I used to like it kinda makes me a little crazy but we can't change the past or predict the future" he said "I had no idea he was your brother I'm really sorry" I said "Oh well too bad that sorry won't cut it but there is something that will be a fine payment" then started to walk toward him as I started to raise the bat I managed to stop myself from swinging it and said "Dalyon... leave ... while you still can I can't fight it for much longer" then the other presence took control again then said "Say goodnight Dalyon this will be the last time you'll see the night sky" & hit him with the bat so hard that part of his head came off, I screamed internally & tears ran down my face while I watched him get hit till he stopped moving then I was myself again, when I thought about what I did my vision got blurry and I passed out.

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