My Deadly Life

A 18 year old girl fighting her way through life both literally and mentally while trying to find something that should never be discovered.


6. A Nightmare Come True

I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar place while I was trying to figure out what happened I heard screaming in the distance, once I looked toward the sound I saw a castle that was on fire. I started to run toward the castle but stopped when I heard someone crying nearby; I listened closely to find the direction it was coming from until I saw a little girl, bent over something, with someone behind her. I walked closer to get a better view until I saw that what she was bent over was the bodies of her parents and her brother was the one standing behind her, as I looked at her closer I noticed that the little girl was me. While watching my younger self cry I stared at the chaos that was happening around me as well as feeling the pain due to my parents death; for a while I felt trapped not knowing what I should do or what would happen next then I noticed two silhouettes approaching as I came to realize who they were I attempted to call out to them but my voice wasn’t working and I watched in fear and anger as Daniel got knocked out and younger me was taken away by Vanessa and Darrell. I felt completely useless knowing there was nothing I could do to stop this then I noticed that Daniel was following them. As they were about to drive away he climbed in the trunk and closed it enough so they wouldn’t notice him then the image changed. I found myself outside their house while they were pulling up, once they parked the car they took me out the car and were about to go in the house when Darrell noticed that the trunk was slightly opened; as he went over to close it he saw Daniel, picked him up and asked Vanessa "Hey there was a kid hiding in the trunk what should I do with him" she said "Take him to a foster care place we have no need for him" and walked into the house. I watched the years of my life go by as well as Daniel's; relieving the pain I went through was torture, but seeing Daniel have a pleasant life was more than enough to forget, although seeing Dalyon bully him had my blood burning especially when I saw him bloody and bruised. Once I got to my last memory I thought I would be back in my attic, but I was still in the same place watching another image although this one seemed to take place in the future except everything was in ruins and most of the people were either hiding or dead; I was shaking at the sight and it got worse when I saw Daniel and I standing with our backs together while we were surrounded by a whole bunch of people with weapons. I heard Daniel and myself ask why they were doing this, but no one answered because someone started laughing as whoever was approached us then my future self froze in terror as we watched Vanessa emerge from the group. I stood there in fear and confusion as the other me asked how she is even alive, but she didn't answer instead she walked towards her with a gun in her hand saying "This time it'll be you to enjoy hell's eternal suffering huh Skylar" she said "I no longer use that name I'm Danielle" Vanessa showed no interest upon learning this information and was about to shoot but Danielle knocked the gun out of her hand then punched her in the stomach before she could attack her and they fought for hours; as they got tired Vanessa took out a sword and was about to run it through Danielle's chest, but Daniel stood in front of her and got stabbed while smiling. Danielle and I were frozen as we watched Daniel bleed then Vanessa removed the sword while looking at Daniel in disgust, as he was falling he whispered "I'm sorry goodbye Danielle" both of us started crying then Danielle went to him asking if he was okay, but she didn't get a reply and didn't take long to realize he was dead. I didn't want to believe it even though I was close by when it happened, but Danielle's reaction to his death surprised me when I saw her slowly walk towards Vanessa while whispering something that only I heard then she tackled her and started punching her until both Vanessa and her fists were bleeding then she picked up a sword, placed it at Vanessa's throat, and moved it so fast that no one even saw the movement but they did see her head rolling. After I recovered from the shock I slowly accepted Daniel's death then I realized that I would lose my family which caused me to lose my sensed & everything started to change and I was in my room, tired from everything I experienced I fell asleep. Once I woke up I started to scream and freak out from remembering what I went through; Daniel came to my room and I could tell that he was worried when he saw the state I was in, when he finally got me to calm down he asked "What happened" and waited for me to answer while I was trying to figure out if I should tell him or not, but before I could make my decision Dalyon came in my room asking "Did you enjoy your nightmare Skylar" I stared at him while saying "Was there a purpose of showing me that or were you just trying to torture me for your own sick enjoyment because I believe I found a way to get rid of your soul without heaven or hell being an option so I would suggest you choose your words carefully; I'll give you time to think come on Daniel let's go eat" and left while Daniel stood there confused and Dalyon shocked.

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