My story is about a women who fall's in love with her coworker but she has know idea that he has loved her ever since they started working together will she find the courage to ask him out there's three books in the series if you like reading romance and passion I hope you enjoy my stories. One last important thing I rate this other 18 year olds and above.


7. The truth comes out

When Julia got home  Katy was know where to be  seen.She must of gone with Peter to the pub.L looks like I need a strong drink too she said to herself she poured a full strong red wine in why am I still not happy irritated for some reason with Gabe is it cause of what he said before about how he was spouse to feel too not just me but we sorted that out now.She remembered that she was spouse to make a phone call.She picked up her phone and rang Gabe."Hi Gabe what's up are you ready to come over yet there's no one else here just me."I will be there in a couple of minutes I was just watching TV he told her.About six minutes later she heard knocking on the door she opened it."Hey Gabe come on in we have the place to ourselves tonight Julia told him.Gabe went over to where Julia was standing he put his arms around her waist."Do you want to sit down her heart was beating fast."I thought you would hate me for loving you that's why I never told you about the way I felt about having strong feelings for you Gabe told her."We have worked together for six years now and both of us never knew that we loved each other so nobody's to blame Julia told him."Well I guess nobody is then Gabe said."Yes but you were acting kind of weird at work when I said I love you why did you act like that Julia asked him.





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